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I’m so thrilled for all of them, and really excited to see all the details!


The announced games all sound very interesting! Definitely excited to see this finally up and running soon. Maybe if I ever actually figure out Choicescript and the time and drive to get something concrete out there I can submit one of those illusive M/F games or even a F/M game (I feel like my long gestating WW2 French Resistance idea with a female protagonist would suit Hearts Choice very well.)


I am super hyped to read any and all of these games and I’m also really happy that I’ll be part of the HC journey! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It’s so cool to see returning authors (@FayI! @NissaCam!), creators I know from other contexts and ones I’m hyped to get to know for the first time. Such a lovely wide variety of projects too!


If i understood correctly all these books will not have a male PC romancing a female NPC, right?

I’m not sure what you did or did not understand, but that is not correct. In the post about the upcoming releases tried to explain for each game what the sexuality and gender options are by giving a key to them and including the appropriate gender/sexuality in the game on each listing. Games which are gender variable allow you to choose the gender of the PC, including choosing to play as male, and offer options for romancing women.



Oh OK. My bad then LOL. Thanks for clarifying :sweat_smile:

Looking forward to the official start of Heart’s choice!!


Yeah, as Mary says there are going to be games (three announced so far) which let you play as a Male character and romance female characters, its just that these won’t be specifically M/F. A M/F game for HC is still possible, but none are planned atm.

I cannot wait for AWPW :grinning:


Probably going to get Jazz Age, Dawnfall and A Pirate’s Pleasure at launch! (The last one might be F/M but I love the setting and hey I have played many a female character in games before!)


This is so exciting! I’m so happy to be part of HC’s launch and can’t wait to see all the amazing stories!


Thanks @HannahPS, and thanks everyone for the excitement about Heart’s Choice. I’m thrilled to be part of this excellent, growing lineup, and I can’t wait to get my new title into everyone’s hands!


If you want to put an idea for a potential hearts choice game to gauge interest is it best here or the interest thread?

I guess ideally one of the two Interest threads, though I should mention they’re only letting official writers do games for HC ala Choice of Games rather than anyone as with Hosted Games. So I guess you have to be shifted over? Since you’re already an established writer though I guess you could manage it more easily! :slight_smile:

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They consider releasing a Hosted game as being published so it shouldn’t be a problem. It’s nothing but an idea for later down the line. So just finding out where best :slight_smile:


About interest-checks: It’s definitely OK to have a general conversation here about the kinds of games that you’d like to see in Heart’s Choice!

About @Nocturnal_Stillness’s question in particular: if you’re tossing around specific ideas for what you’d like to write, that would be better suited to another thread; we’d like to keep this thread for more general discussion.

And, more broadly: you’re right that Heart’s Choice authors follow the same application process as Choice of Games authors. So, please think of Heart’s Choice interest-checks in the same way that you would for Choice of Games: an interest-check discussion can’t guarantee that an author or concept will be picked up for publication by Heart’s Choice. (Which is not to imply that that’s what you were asking, @Nocturnal_Stillness! Just pre-emptively clarifying for other people who might have questions along those lines.)


Thanks for answering. That’s what I thought. I just like to plan out ideas to see if they’ll be worth the effort. Even if not considered for HC or CoG I can submit them via HG. It’s all good :slight_smile:


Hey perhaps a stupid question (I hope not)…it was mentioned that HC would have its own website, which sounds different to me than the mere tab that Hosted Games has on the CoG website.

Does that mean a separate forum will exist for discussing HC releases, or will those discussions be folded into the forums here, much like with HG?

One forum.


…to rule them all.