HCF-Redux W.I.P. (June 8, 2019)

“A new W.I.P? I already have two that I don’t update often anyway.” If that’s what you’re thinking, then first and foremost, thank you for taking an interest in my work, second, yes and no. For those who aren’t aware of my old projects, I’m about to address both crowds.

What I have here is a, you guessed it, Redux. It’s a revamped version of an old project. So why, you may ask, would I do such a thing? Why not just update the old version? I may also do that, though there is a reason for this.

When I made my first attempt at writing how many years ago, I didn’t know the first thing about writing. I still don’t exactly. While it might be arrogant to say, I feel that my skills have made huge improvements since my younger years and the best way to express that is by revamping a new project. The point being, I feel that I have developed since my first trial and error phases, and want to express that with all of you.

Calling this the same game would be a stretch. While they remain similar in concepts roughly, almost none of this will seem the same other than a few passing similarities. Those aren’t familiar with old work, don’t worry, you don’t need to be. While this is the Redux, it may be wrong to actually treat it as the same as before. This is different enough that I may actually change it’s name later depending on people’s reaction to it.

The question, new readers will ask is what exactly is this story about? It’s a fantasy story, with a slightly narcissistic MC, aligned with some less than noble forces in their attempt to conquer the world.

Older readers will ask, how is that different from before? Well, I’d hate to give to many spoilers just by talking about it.


One the world was threatened by a great calamity that would consume everything. In the darkest times, people banded together to fight against the menace and…

Were completely curb stomped. Duh. Of course , they were.

They are up against the most dangerous thing to exist or may ever exist and have no clue how to prevent it. Yes, they might find ways to annoy you. Maybe, they find a way to stop the danger for about a year or two, but they can never be completely rid of you.

Even if they think something as trivial as not having your old body, any soldiers or weapons for that matter is going to be enough? They’re dead wrong. Repay any humiliation, threefold, and take back the world, the crown, and the heads of anyone stupid enough to get in the way.

Without further ado, link is below:



Don t know how it used to be, but I’m finding this interesting. Also can we get some info on our “trueselves”.

Can we get some more info about the story’s plot, setting, etc.? The summary was pretty short.

I was too emerged in the story and the sound scared the shit outta me. it was 3am here jajsjakak. Keep up good work!!!


I got say this is fun read and nose birds scared that crap me it is 8;00 pm


Oh, a new take on Hag Called Fate? Well now, this I have to see.

I think the new intro might have a bit less ‘oomph’ than the old one. That being said, the new concept certainly is intriguing, and making the story less dependant of a backstory the MC does know about, but the player doesn’t, might be a good move.

The Mc feels more alien this time around, which is an interesting design choice. Curious to see where this will all lead. Nonetheless, glad to have you back, and keep up the good work!

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it well made story on villain or person how seen as bad guy to peaple

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Enjoyed the demo.

A couple of comments though.

While it makes sense that a lovecraftian band of tentacles and what I can only assume looks like a floating ball of light would not have an obvious gender, I would think that the Seraph and the Kishin would be humanoid enough that they would have a gender assumed by people, even if they are wrong assumptions.

And since the characters know the MC, I would have to think they’d know the pronouns their boss, The Almighty One, wishes.

I’m picturing a lovecraftian Almighty One that is a they, and a wisp that is an it, for example.

And while it’s not a big deal for me, I imagine some people would very much like a choice in what kind of beastkin the character’s shell presents as.


Ah! This is great! Finally, the power of a Pigeon God is within my grasp!

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This hits a few nails on the head of my thought process and you make a lot of great points. For the first thing, I agree completely, and my thoughts on that are just a little different.

The whole reason Kaja isn’t even sure in the first place is because as far as the mc’s race goes, the equivalents of male or female don’t quite fall in the same definitions if they exist at all. Hence, she’s forced to come up with “close enough” rather than exactly. It can apply to heavenly figures as well.

Example, in Indian culture, Vishnu. Vishnu is a deity and a male, but not a human male. Because of that, Vishnu, as a god, doesn’t hold the same standards of what makes something “male” or “female”.

This all bears into the fact the MC is something as other people noted a much more alien figure than the previous incarnation. It’s an nigh-unstoppable all powerful being. It’s own sense of logic, morals, and even belief about gender roles, are most likely entirely foreign concepts, compared to lesser things.

As for more detailed beastkin, I agree with that. There’s a labeling issue with that, I need to think of a solution for, coding wise, but it would be nice to have more clear types… I already think I need to add some more race options for potential shell bodies, though it’s a bit complicated to think of what would work for that.


Can’t wait to see where this goes.

Kinda hoping we would be able to have a partial transformation. Like, not quite returning back to our true self yet not entirely human either.

On to other topic, I don’t know which I prefer, the old A Hag Called Fate or this redux. The first one has it’s own charm on being the dragon to a incompetent big bad, while this one puts the mantle of big bad to you yourself. I also kinda miss the interaction we had with our fellow generals in the prior version, there’s just something grounding in knowing that you have an equal, at least position wise.

Edit :

Apparently, I’m a tentacle monster. I’ve seen enough…art to know where this is going ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I thought about the MC having a snarky comment about that-

“You made me male because of the tentacles, right? You know they aren’t the same thing, yes?”


In my case it would be more like, “Nice. Very nice. Already one step closer to regaining my countless tentacles. Truly a caring subordinate you are. /s”


I really like this new version. Just wondering if it wouldn’t cause to much of a hassle with the story, would you bring any of the old races back?

cough the dragon cough


A Hag Called Fate is Good though but I also liked this one I’ve always dreamed of being an Overlord and I love those Slimy Tentacles I just need to find those Highschoo–


Love where I’m the villain knocking puny humans out so count me as a fan keep up the good work can’t wait to see what you got in store for us

I love this, i hope you keep it up man good work.

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I enjoyed the demo! A few Qs/notes:

What does HCF stand for? I’m not aware of the original.

I’m glad there’s a non-binary option! However, I don’t really understand why “It’s more complicated than body parts alone” is the text for it when the others are simply this is a boy/girl, cause gender in general is about more than body parts, not just for non-b ppl. I get it in the sense of our MC not wanting to delve into it atm (since explaining can be complicated), but there’s def the implication that being outside the binary is “complicated” when it’s really just different. at least that’s how I feel about my gender, I def resent it being called that by others irl.

can I assume that later the other trueself options will get the same amount of detail in their introductory descriptions as the Kishin currently does? I could imagine that form very well but couldn’t picture the other two I checked out from what’s there so far.

is Villas pronounced with a ‘y’ for the double l?

I’m surprised both the MC and Kaja don’t have more of a reaction to Villas dumping cold water on us, I would personally probably beat someone to a pulp and I’m just a puny mortal. and i don’t mean we should react that way! just that omg cold water on a sleepy being is so jarring and awful, I expected more.

Looking forward to future updates, I always love an opportunity to curbstomp my enemies. oh i hope i can amass a violent cult following :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

HCF is short for Hag Called Fate.
Went and found the original in Dashingdon and I can see the similarities, though I’m finding the Redux more interesting.