Having Trouble with Stats

Hello. I’m just getting started with Choice of Games and I’m having trouble with the stats. I’m using the same startup text and changed some necessary parts. The error looked like this:

I tried to use the text from Choice of the Dragon and it shows the same result. Anyone know how to fix this problem?

Did you *create the variable in your startup.txt file?

In startup.txt you should have something like:
*create leadership 50

Then in choicescript_stats.txt you’d have:
text leadership
(note that the ‘text’ line should be indented)

Do you still get the error this way?


Yep. We’d like to see your game code, especially the startup.txt file.
Copy-pasta the code here, block it, and use the </> button to show your text in its pre-formatted form.

The result should be like this ugly looking text.

This way, we (or I) should be able to determine what’s the cause of error.

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Did you copy the startup stuff or where they keep the variables? If you wanna use the Variable “Leadership” first you must create it, simply put

*create leadership 0 

(or whatever starting value you want it)
and can display this in stats as a stat chart through:

  percent Leadership
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Remember to check your spelling as well! It is not case sensitive but the wrong spelling would mess up the program.