Having trouble with percentage variables

I changed all of my characters from namerep, to just name. And every single one works except one? It is no different from the others, yet when I quick test it, or try to play through, it tells me that the variable I’m trying to change is not a number?

My code looks like this:

*create Henrik "50"

    #I take his hand, allowing him to lead me down off the great stallion.
        *set Hendrik%-7
        He offers you a small smile as you take his hand......

works with no problems.

however the exact same thing

*create Erland "50"

#I swat his hand away, be it anger at him or pride in myself I do not know. I will get off the horse on my own.
        *set Erland%-7
        He frowns as you smack.......

Gives me the following error. As you can see the first line of code passed fine, it is on line 572.

I am very confused. No matter if I use capitals or not it will not work. The only way I can make it work is if I create

percent Erlandrep ${Erland}

in the stat screen and follow up with
*create Erlandrep “50”
*create Erland “Erland”

in startup and make the choice

*set Erlandrep%-7

It’s an okay work around, and I don’t really mind since it works fine, I’m curious as to why it is doing this and if there are any other solutions?

Do you have another *create Erland anywhere in your statup file? If there is such it will overwrite it to whatever type you set it to be. If you have a *create Erland “Erland” after your *create Erland “50” it will happen exactly that, it will set Erland variable to be a text one.


Not in my startup, but in ch1 :woman_facepalming: I’ve been looking at this for hours tryna figure it out. I forgot all about it, I’m so dumb.

As for the Erland “Erland” That was just setting his name as text, since the Erlandrep was the percentage.

@moderators pls close this and save me from my shame