Have You Ever Failed A Stat Check In Real Life?


This happens occasionally to me more often than I’d like to admit. What I mean is, have you ever attempted something you were so sure was going to work, only to fail rather miserably? Let me provide an example.

I was sparring with a friend after class in a local gym. He was a Taekwondo practitioner, and I, at the time, only had experience in Gracie Jiujitsu, which is a grappling art, mainly, meaning I wasn’t a great striker. Anyways, so, we begin, we’re both standing on a huge mat. He almost immediately throws a roundhouse kick just as I begin circling. I fail to see it coming, so he nails me in the ribs. Let me tell you, firsthand, it hurt like hell. So I quickly try to regain my composure and take him down with a throw. I kid you not, this kid with the speed of The Flash grabs my arm, twists it and kicks me in the face with the most casual expression I have ever seen. He then kicks me hard in my right leg, making me stumble forward. I turn around and hear him say, “Come on.”

This enrages me, so, naturally, I rush at him again. He hits me in the solar plexus with a push kick as soon as I come forward, kicks me in the head again, then sends me to the ground with a corkscrew kick. I lay there on the floor for what seems like minutes, then see him instantly hovering above me. He has his hand offered, ready to help me up. But I’m not that kind of person. Unfortunately for my friend, I had just learned the rolling kneebar. So, of course, I try it.

I trap his right ankle with both of mine and trip him. Being a pure striker, he doesn’t know how to react, and falls to the mat. I then lock in the hold, my legs wrapped around his isolated one, with my hands in a death vice, leaning pack and pulling up hard, while also twisting his foot just for good measure. I have it fully locked in, and tightly, too. I can’t help but smile as my friend writhes pathetically on the mat in pain, struggling to kick out. Just when I think I’m going to finally beat him, my freaking friend powers up into a plank position, flips over to the side, like a ninja fish (I don’t know), then heel stomps my nose, smashing it. I immediately let go, and hold my face. I was on the verge of tears from the pain. My friend kicks up, leaps over to me, and says “Oh shit, man, I’m so sorry. I meant to feint (fake) that and try to pull out! I’m so sorry!”

That was when I was way younger, and highly undisciplined (obviously). Just a fun story I thought I would share as an example, the fail being here that my real life Perception wasn’t high enough to react and roll sideways to avoid the collision. So, what do you guys have to say? What’s one (or more) time(s) in which you physically or mentally tried something, in real life, with confidence, only to fail and have everything fall apart. Name the stat in real life (literally anything) in which you failed the check for, again in real life (Ex. Strength, Dexterity, Charisma, Agility, Intelligence, Perception, Willpower, and others)?



I have a couple of friends who I think spent all their stat points in one area. Usually they’re brilliantly creative and funny (hence being my friends) but can’t get a job.


All my stat points have been put into Willpower and Perception, so much that my Strength, Agility, Stamina and (arguably) Intelligence have suffered as a result :stuck_out_tongue:

I am, quite possibly, the most unfit person I know.


I often fail and perception and dexterity checks such as “Is he mad at me?” and “Try not to crash into that table”, “you know that table is there stop crashing into it” “Seriously do you hate that table, no, stop, avoid, AVOID”


I am normally pretty stable when it comes to most die roll, regardless of stats, except when I do fail it is usually a critical fumble with an embarrassing twist. I am just grateful that I have no friends left to laugh at me.


I had a 50/50 chance of being born alive and according to the doctor who presided over my birth a “one in a million” chance of not having a genetic, crippling spinal defect that would kill me very soon afterward.

So I guess I have a lot of points in LUK? I can’t roll dice for shit, though.


I have no points whatsoever alloted to charisma.


You guys are hilarious! I’d have to say that I have the lowest stats in my entire town. No one seems to be as slow, absent-minded, weak, or generally as sad as I am.

The very reasons I love escapism. Man, self-reflection is hard.


Have you tried grinding points in the lower tier areas?


Well, just today my I failed a charisma check when talking with my co-workers. A lisp(not that anything is wrong with lisps, it’s just that I don’t have one normally) came out of nowhere and I just stopped talking for a bit because I was bungling my words even before that… Or maybe my mouth failed a stamina check as I don’t usually talk as much as I had been at the time.


Whoever is playing me in this game keeps forgetting to level me up since I have the skillpoints of a twelve-year-old.


Hi. Welcome to my world. Step this way, please.

But seriously, I was thinking the exact same thing…whoever is playing me is a fucking noob.


Maybe you have a ton of unused skill points?


Did I say noob? I meant troll. To the game.

And perhaps. But I’d say they’re intentionally not using them. Because at this point, I should have like, over 200. What a dick, my controller is.


HA! See that? I thought that was directed towards me!

Curse you, great player!


I had an absolutely lovely instance when I could’ve definitely used some charisma stat points (or at least any social skill).

So my middle school did this field trip-esque thing in Costa Rica (part of some school-exchange-partnership they had with an agricultural college that was trying to recruit future overseas students), and thing is- I like learning languages. I find it fun, and the different kinds of vernacular are cool to me. But, I’m much better at listening, reading, or writing than I am when it comes to speaking. Mainly because I’m too shy and am always afraid that I’ll screw up somehow.

Well, I took Spanish throughout Elementary and Middle School, and somehow landed myself in a group full of students who studied French (with the chorus teacher as our teacher-guide). The result? I kinda had to be the translator back and forth for everyone throughout this trip. Which was pretty poorly organized to begin with (one kid jumped off a roof… and he wasn’t one of the people who ended up in the hospital).

So, to recap: Poor Charisma Stats, Highest Spanish Stats of the group, No Tutorial Level or Navi shouting at us to “HEY! LISTEN!” to any coherent instructions.

So, we visit a school with kids our age and one of my classmates decides she thinks one of the guys that’s assigned to show us around the school is cute. I don’t know this person very well (or… well, at all), but she’s in my group so we’re walking together while I’m translating what little I can about the school with the help of another girl from the school who speaks a little English.

Suddenly, I feel a little nudge on my side. It’s my classmate, she tugs me to the side and leaves my translation partner to try and fill up the gaps herself.

She asks if I can do her a favor. A little confused by the suddenness of this request, and also suspicious of the secrecy, I inquire as to what, exactly, this favor is. She gets all flushed and embarrassed, real cliche ‘fiddling with her hair, biting the lower lip’ kinda thing- keeps glancing over to this guy she thinks is cute.

“I need you to flirt for me.” She says.

You need me to do what?

As you can probably imagine, my first reaction was that of a blank stare, then a hard ‘No.’ But this girl won’t relent, says that I need to do it because she can’t speak Spanish and this guy can’t speak English- and nobody else would be able to translate except the girl from the school we’re visiting and asking someone she doesn’t know would just be weird.

I didn’t point out that she’d never talked to me before this trip, either.

The teacher ushers us over to the general group as we’ve started to fall behind, I try to go back to my translator position because as uncomfortable and awkward as that was it was better than being asked to flirt for someone else to a complete stranger in a language I really didn’t know that well at all. But this girl won’t let me, she keeps dragging me back, pleading with me to just do it- she’ll make it up to me, she swears, even offers to give me ten dollars.

Now, another high stat of mine was gullibility.

So, my thoughts go something like this:

She’s willing to pay me? Wow, she must really like this guy. (Despite having known him for less than an hour.) Ah, she looks so disappointed. It wouldn’t hurt to help her out, right? I mean, all I have to do is get the conversation rolling- they can figure out some sort of nonverbal communication from there, right? It’s not like we’re ever going to see these people again anyways, right?

So, stupidly I agree.

Almost immediately she drags me over to this guy, leans over and whispers in my ear “tell him I think he’s cute”.

I don’t know the word for “cute”, nor do I know the word for “handsome”, the only word I knew that was at all similar was “hermoso/hermosa”.

Aka, beautiful.

I also didn’t know how to say “she thinks you are…”

What ended up coming out was something along the lines of (with very, very mangled grammar) “I think she’s beautiful”.

This kid, he looks at me, looks at this girl who I barely know, looks back at me with this confused ‘why are you telling me this’ kind of stare.

Now, as I said before, I’m much better at listening than I am at speaking. So I got the gist of what he said next, which was essentially, “Are the two of you a couple?”

That was when I realized what I’d said.

That I’d just inadvertently come out to a guy who I barely knew, whose language I only barely spoke and who didn’t speak my language, whose name I hadn’t even learned.

I nearly choked. I didn’t know what to say. I was in Middle School and hadn’t even understood my own sexuality at that time- heck I’d never even really liked anybody save for from afar. I had no idea what to say or do so I ended up just turning to my classmate and saying, “He’s got a girlfriend” before leaving.

Oh, yeah, I was also so embarrassed for the rest of the day that I accidentally ate tuna at lunch.
I’m allergic to tuna.


I once broke my back after jumping.

On flat ground.

On my feet.

Also, I once tripped on a guitar, landed one hand on a girl’s thigh, another on a chair, and if what my friends tell me is true, had a face that perfectly described the words “surprise buttsex”.

Also, I must have had horrid stats in 9th grade. The sheer amount of times I hit my own balls were hilarious. Let me list the ways I hurt them.

I punched them (shit happened).

Got them hit by my own briefcase. Multiple times.

Kicked them (jumping shit happened).

Crushed them with my bare hands (okay, this time I was really stupid. I knew the risks and I did it anyway.)

Sat on them (a lot of us have done this… Right?)

Lied down on them (I remember this happening. Don’t remember the details, but it happened).

Yeah. I was stupid in 9th grade.


Back when i was still in high school, i got a position as a the class leader… since that was my first time being one… i decided to use “My charisma” when the class being to loud… “All right, guys! don’t be so loud… or we might disturb the other classes”. But no one give a slight damn…

And then… i decided to use “Intimidation” by knocking the whiteboard hard and shouted “Oii! listen up you slackers, Do not make any further noises!” and everyone turned to look at me and silent with no words coming out of their mouths. and of course the downside is… everyone thought that i had a short fuse… ( and arrogant one ).


Bowling requires Dexterity and Agility—you need to position your body and hands just right so that you will hit the pins perfectly with the ball. Your feet must match the swing of your arm, and your arm must be at the correct orientation so that it hits your target and not the canals. Also, Strength to lift the heavy bowling ball without losing your balance, and give the ball enough force once you release it.

My PE two semesters ago was Bowling. The instructors were World Champion bowlers, and the mother of one of our instructor, another World Champion holder, visited our class one day.

I always screw up in Bowling class. That day, I screwed up so hard that it still gives me nightmares to this day.

Every single fucking ball I had rolled to the canals. There was something about the twist of my wrist when I release the ball that makes it swerve to the canal at the last minute.

It was a nightmare. Imagine FIVE WORLD CHAMPIONS judging you, shaking their heads at your performance. One by one they coached me how to improve my release. My form was good, they said. Surprisingly good for someone who has scoliosis. But my wrist!! My goddamn wrist kept twisting to the right everytime I release the goddamn ball!!

My score was a flat 17, and everyone else on my group had easy 90s.

To compare, my average score before that day was around 50, everyone else was at the 70-80 level.

But after that humiliating experience, I did improve in my bowling. I learned how to do curveballs and change the speed of the ball mid-travel like a pro. I once had a seven-time streak of spares and strikes. But those were all after that nightmare of a semester of bowling.


I’m pretty sure I failed all Charisma stat checks upon talking to a pretty girl.

I guess that’s what you get when you have the social skills of a fucking rock.