Has this Sci-fi Story been Done in CoG before?


I counted 9 sci-fi stores among the published CoG and Hosted Games. And there seem to be quite a few more in the works. I’d rather not put a lot of effort into a story and then find out something similar has already been done, or gets released before i’m finished.

So here’s my story in a nutshell:

You are the owner of a small interstellar ship. You are hired to transport an archaeologist to an orbital wreck. You have a small crew to deal with, each with a different perspective. The wreck leads to clues of an powerful artifact, that several different groups desire, and the conclusion determines the fate of the artifact.

So is there a story like this complete or WIP?


Zebulon is similar, but less intricate. I’d say go for it!


Do it but we have to have sharks with frickin laser beams



After briefly looking at Zebulon, I don’t think there’s too much overlap. That one is apparently absurdist comedy, while mine will probably be more hard(ish) sci-fi space opera.


Surely you mean *Space* Sharks!


Yeah, that’s pretty accurate. xD


@that1german, I will call it a DEATH… STAR…