Has Anyone Here Read a Book by Yahtzee Croshaw?


Croshaw is one of my favorite authors that writes comedy books. So far I have read three out of the four books he has published. Differently Morphous, Jam, and Mogworld ( I have yet to get to We Will Save the Galaxy for Food ) and I was wondering if anyone here has read any of his books before.


I haven’t read any of his books, but I’ve seen almost every episode of Zero Punctuation!


Yeah, me too! If you like zero punctuation you’ll definitely like his books


I find his ZP stuff to have worn out long ago but I enjoyed Mogworld and Jam. Both of the books were a tad bit bleak however, with very little faith in humanity and a running theme of being so caught up in your own bullshit you can’t see the bigger picture.


Differently Morphous is a tad less bleak if you’re tired of how bleak his work is


And don’t quote me on this but I think he might be making a sequel to it


What style of comedy, if I may ask?


How much punctuation could we expect in these books?




A lot actually


That’s disappointing.


He saved up all that punctuation from his videos so he could use it in his books. You gotta min-max this stuff.