HARSH writing advice from Alexa Donne 💀


This got me dead AF. :sob::skull:


Ohhhh :’( I was hoping for amazon alexa xd. Glad to see you back anyway, you’re one of the COG OGs xd.


I have been following her for almost a year, and I think that was the first of her videos I saw. :blush:


is that why you rather code then write ? maaaaaaaaaaaaan was she that scary ? :open_mouth: oh noooo…I’m not watching tha Vid now…lol…I rather keep wathever pathethic skill I have …:sweat_smile:


Except that you clearly are someone who writes, not just someone who likes the idea of it. Well done and welcome back.

I also think she’s a bit too absolute on writer’s block and that there’s more constructive advice than denying its existence:


good advices in there !!!

I like Steinbeck and Gaiman’s advice the most…I think they fit with what I do usually lol and I also think advices like these…won’t work on just anyone…its up to the individual…find what fit you…and dont expect that X trick worked on Y…will work on you .


@Samuel_H_Young - hey; welcome back and thank you for the resource. :two_hearts:

I have to agree here. Also, thank you for the resource too :slight_smile:


I actually like her advice on writer’s block tbh. I usually get around writer’s block by restructuring a scene in a different manner and thinking about what the reader/player hasn’t experienced yet. The only time it becomes debilitating is when I don’t think about it.


Ahahahaha, no. :laughing:
I enjoy her candidness, even if I don’t always agree with everything she says. And she’s pretty nice, in most of her content.

(I prefer coding because A, it’s much more structured and B, I can’t turn off my internal editor, so writing is a slow and energy consuming process for me. :blush:)


I don’t have writers block. I have never… I have quality and planning block. And I don’t thing nobody will remove that block lol :sob: Still I can’t understand how someone can’t just a blank paper and can’t write… :thinking: I have never ever had that… I just write and go…
AND THAT IS HARSHHHH!!! I CAN BE FAR MORE HARSH THAN THAT lol you anglo culture don’t know what harsh is XD :wink:


groan Why did I watch this… Honestly, I think this video is more about self-promotion than actually trying to help people. “Look at me, how harsh and sarcastic I am”. How can she know our first books are going to suck? No, ma’am, mine not. I would never publish anything that outright sucks, I do have that much self-awareness to know something is not good enough to present it to others. It may be a bit raw or has some other need of improvement, but that’s far away from “It’s going to suck!! Deal with it!!” Your first story is something very important and heartfelt, a writing mentor should help you in bringing it in the best form possible depending on your skills rather than telling us it’s probably hopeless. But the only writing advice I take seriously is by John Truby anyway, maybe check him out rather than Ms Donne, he is actually giving writing advice instead of telling you you’re a lazy bum.


Sounds like you didn’t heed the “harsh” part. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: She stated in the description that her delivery is purposefully sarcastic and exaggerated to get her points across harder.


My point is she is barely exaggerated or with enough colourful metaphors . She trying but lol Any Spaniard could surpass her supposed passionate “exaggerated” wording in kindergarten… If you want look harsh and passionate you have to do far far better. @Samuel_H_Young Aren’t my criticism to your first game far more over top than this? :wink:

Edit I am trying to fix my harshness lately and that… but comme on anyone could do better and more imaginative


Sounded to me like her video disheartened you looking at your comment above. I just don’t see how this could encourage anybody and I don’t see any useful advice in there. Also, she says “by writing books you learn writing books”. That’s BS, if you ask me. You need to understand and analyze your mistakes. How could I expect a different outcome if I keep doing the same stuff. But whatever floats your boat :man_shrugging:


I don’t see the advice anywhere. It is blah blah Try harder you will suck at first etc… blah blah. I am amused by how it tryes to be colourful sarcastic and end being so not that


I thought the video was funny and a good motivator. I wasn’t disheartened at all.

I don’t really think that’s something to brag about. Things can always be more over the top, but should they? I think the video was just right: harsh and condescending but funny and full of good advice from an authority on the subject.


Well, you didn’t say so in your opening post. I misunderstood the crying emoji and the skull emoji. I was only trying to help :man_shrugging:


Understandable! I’m a 23 year old from Kansas City. We use dead and crying emojis in place of laughing emojis. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The fact is tries to oversell a emotion to trying to proof a point or criticism. A parody. To do that you have to look more extreme to use hyperbole. To prove a point. A literature caricature. It is not enough. So the hyperbolic language and the sarcasm in my opinion run flat. Uninspired. Videos including acting and role playing not only the simple script. And about advice meh… for my subjective opinion quite mediocre.

I am a grumpy old woman lol. You are quite positive and young :wink:


Seriously? Okay then, completely misunderstood you :sweat_smile: