Harry potter- Wizarding world

Yes in theory there are several similar to it . Always most of plot is different in places and behaviour . Go on. But that is not a fan fiction or a game set in X universe. Is a totally different thing

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Yeah, that’s right… …what if we don’t use the official names…change some location…change the story but still keep it near about 50-60% based on Harry Potter.

Well, to be perfectly safe, for a commercial product you would have to alter a lot of it. Certainly you would need different characters and setting, as using Hermione or Hogwarts would be a big no no.
Also, I’m not sure about this part in particular, but certain words might be off limits because of how intrinsic they are to the universe, like muggle and patronus, so I would also avoid that just to be safe.

Really what you have to do is take inspiration from it rather than actually write a story based in the Harry Potter univeree.


That sums up it perfectly… There will be no issue of copyright and also we will have a complete plot to based our story on.

Yes, we might have to do a lot of altering( actually almost everything must be altered).


Preeeeetty much, lol

I mean, the magical boarding school genre is wide enough that you don’t even have to limit yourself to wizards as in Harry Potter. You already mentioned Way Walkers (which is fantastic), but I would also suggest you check out Keeper of the Sun and Moon as it’s technically within the same genre, though as a magical undergraduate college, lol.

And lemme just shove my favorite piece of media from when I was 10: Winx Club. Magic fairy college, woot woot!


You also need a list of all copyrighted words by Rowling and subsidiaries as parronus spells names etcetera there are far more you can imagine.

Yes, all the magical words used in books are out of questions…we practically have to recreate even how magic generate and functions.

It will be a daunting task…much similar to how jk Rowling created Harry potter universe from scratch.

Yes , I read them both but I think way Walker university and other games like that are more action packed…though story is good but it is not deep and character work leave something askance.

I am thinking about a story rich in both action and plot the sabre of infinity series and wayheaven chronicle.

That sounds cool!

I would personally take a while to plans things out and either start writing it and post a demo in a separate thread.

You could also check out the Interest Check Thread if you want to bounce ideas around before you have a demo ready.


Yup…but I think it will need a delicate planning and a team of people to fulfill separate tasks.

It is a big work…story need to be planned…things to be altered…game to be written.

It will not be a work to be done by a single person…it will need a small team of people to create this game…

If it works then this might become one the greatest games in choice of games :slight_smile:

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I have always wondered if companies would treat interactive fan fiction differently to regular ones since it technically turns it into a game and maybe they’d have an issue with that. :thinking: That said Pottermore was apparently doing an interactive version of the books at one point, unless that fell through…

I am planning to do takes on Kim Newman’s Life’s Lottery with Batman and Spider-Man, but since those are just gonna be regular narrative driven fan fiction I doubt DC or Marvel would make a fuss.

I do wish some game or movie companies would authorise more game books or interactive fiction based on their properties. Pretty much anything BioWare or Bethesda has put out would be perfect for a game book.

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You right mate…but rights for Harry potter are heavily protected…we use general idea and get story inspiration from the book…

But the whole book , way the magic works and the characters must be ours.

Exactly. All things in fiction these days likely take some inspiration from something, but it’s still possible to be original or make it different. Best to utilise some core essentials and differ from there.

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You right mate…but this gonna be a huge work …not to be done by a single person…

There is lot of research to do…things to change…avoid the loopholes and brainstormig on the concept of story…it all will require a little group of people to do this job.

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That’s not really how it works, as long as people don’t charge actual money for fanfics or try to make an enterprise on fanart then it’s safe. With that said, all laws are subject to change, but as long as there isn’t any profit motive involved it would be hard to crack down on what art people produce on their own free time.


You right mate

Don’t take this as encouragement. If you plan to make a COG that’s straight down based on the Harry Potter universe, then I would STRONGLY advice against it. Even with names changed and so on, it would be blatantly obvious. Again, you can write fanfic, but that’s it.

Edit: I’m not sure how writing fanart with the choice script engine and sharing it for free would work. You’ll have to do some research on it, but if you aren’t certain, the don’t do it. I would hate for this company to get into that kind of trouble.

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