Hardest Perspective to Write


This is just something I’m curious about: but what do you find is the hardest perspective to write from? Or, rather, which do you struggle most when writing?

For me it’s always children, if I write about a child or from a child’s point of view they always end up sounding like fifty year old mobsters or a twenty something who took a time machine from the 1920s. What about you?

The Choice between 1st/2nd PoV, and Present/Past Tense

Second person! I do not like writing in second person. I find it so tricky.

Children and animals are tough too though.


I find talkative or bubbly people very difficult to write, because I don’t use a lot of words. I’m the quiet sort when not typing (or debating).

My workaround is to ask my very talkative daughter what she would say in a given situation, because she has all the words, even though she is five. Most of the dialogue for Miranda Vallès in my WiP on the forum is based on my daughter’s speech patterns, and when I would get stuck I would just ask her for direct intervention.

When I write children’s perspectives, I try to keep it simple and straightforward. To me, children are curious literalists. But I live with two and see many more on a regular basis, so I can also imagine what a specific child would say or do in a given situation.

That’s actually probably been my biggest help for hard perspectives - to think of someone close to the character, and picture what that person would say or do. It’s gotten me out of a hole time and again.


2nd person, I say and avoid the game I’m currently writing.

But I always found that dealing with emotional scenes have been difficult for me. Emotional as in love, anger, and sadness, especially sadness. I try to be realistic and do more descriptions than words but when I watch some movie or TV they always have a lot of screaming and some talking. I never know how to write those darn things and whenever I read over them they either seem not emotional enough or too emotional and weird.


First person is hard for me to write. I kind of feel like I’m lying if I write I did something and I didn’t actually do it.

Talkative people are hard to write since I tend to be more short and to the point in speech and often oversimplify topics.

I think children aren’t too difficult to write since most depictions of youth are unrealistic. A lot of writers don’t give youth enough credit and think they’re all stupid or overly innocent. Writers don’t often show the negatives. But, unrealistic youth are more likable when they act mature. The Walking Dead Game has a young protagonist that is likeable because of her maturity and taking care of an infant in the zombie apocalypse is only feasible because the newborn in highly unrealistic, but likeable for it.

It’s hard for me to write romance with characters I don’t like and would never romance like mean people and females.


Aggressive people; to me, they always just seem to come off as the stereotypical bully pulled out of the 90s


For me, it’s either second person or a carefree character. I hate characters who don’t have issues or just don’t care about them, so I either do terrible at writing them or just don’t have any.

That may also just be my love for darker stories coming out as well.


Religious/Religion of any kind, though cultists are easier to write due to single minded fanaticism of the followers.

First person wouldn’t be hard to write, but undesirable. CYOAs done in first person come off as an author insert and I dislike them (and author insert in general).


I have tried to answer this question multiple times because I have had trouble writing almost every perspective that I’ve tried at one time or another. I can spend days spinning my wheels on a passage, just about ready to give up and then I’ll get up the next day or see an inspirational show or hear a beautiful song that unlocks my writing of that passage.

I think the hardest thing to do for me is to keep the same perspective - I have a nasty habit of switching tenses as I write because I’m visualizing the scene from different perspectives and I’m trying to get everything out in a readable way. Which in the end means I end up revising my work three to four times. uggh.


Romantic people. Idealists in general, and people who crave romance in particular. It’s a fine line between trying to mimic what I’ve heard realistically, and it coming off like a caricature.


I het writhing romance, but love writing violence…Well, not love but ya know what I mean :smile:


The hardest perspective for me to write has always been first person. It’s not impossible but it takes a lot more effort on my part to get through it.

Pessimistic people are difficult as well. I’ve often been told I’m sickenly optimistic. (Mostly from my sisters) So I usually consult my best friend on the matter seeing as she’s ridiculously pessimistic.