Happy Pride Month!


Hey everyone, just wanted to wish y’all happy pride month :smiley:


Just in time for my dentist appointment.


Thank you! Trying to go to my first pride parade, I’m just too scared to go alone lol.


They’re actually really fun! A lot of people also bring their dogs, so you could probably pet them if you get really nervous.


You are not, we are sot of a family after all! Don’t worry! Enjoy the parade :smiley:


Aw that’s sweet, dogs are always so calming to pet. I’m just such an anxious person, I’ll probably go walk around then leave since I always feel so out of place in crowds.

I’ll try my best, I’m hoping to make some friends if I go since I don’t know many people around me who are queer. I’ll definitely enjoy it since it’s one of the biggest events in my city!


I went to my first parade alone, I will say I was extremely freaked out by the crowd but it was surprisingly easy to be distracted just enjoying the vibe. Even being as awkward as I am I managed to find a group of people to hang out with so I’m sure you can as well. Everyone is super nice. Have fun! :smiley:


Drove past the US Embassy here in Kathmandu today, and was happy to see rainbow flags all along the entryway. Happy Pride Month, all.


:smiley: I love Pride month. Happy Pride, everyone!!


What is the LGBTQ situation in Nepal anyway, is it as bad for gay men as neighbouring India?


Thank you so much for the words of encouragement! :blush:


It’s Pan Pride Day y’all


Pretty good legally, but there’s a degree of backlash socially.