Happy new year


HAPPY NEW EAR Farside eapora Jason and veryone


How are you not banned yet?


Did this person seriously include me in the list to bait me after I called them out for trolling for attention?

Ugh. No thanks.


happy new year, why are you guys treating him like that? he done something wrong?


He has a tendency to post pointless things that seem to have little purpose than to annoy people. He hasn’t done it in a while though, so I’m willing to give him the benefit of a doubt rather than attacking him.


Ok maybe someone should talk to him instead of shouting at him…


@akatsuki9344 99% of the time talking to a troll is like trying to reason with a 3 year old at bedtime that has ate triple his weight in chocolate


im only trying to be friendly nd say happy new year to people


but its like you said those certain names for a reason Farside eapora Jason


and everyone too just ant rite veryones ames


i know this much Farside reported you for something and you put her first one the list and i am pretty sure that not a coincidence.


anyways happy new year


And a happy New Years to all

My resolution…get better at drawing and just draw more in general
And I think the friendly people of this site will hold me to that ^:)^



You’re my official artist pretty much, so expect lots of artwork requests. Lol




Your drawings are great @Pale_Strider do keep your great work!
Happy new year everyone!


Happy new year everyone!


Happy New Years to all.


Happy new year :slight_smile:


Oh I can hear the alcohol from here