Happy New Year! 2017!


Happy New Year Everyone! Wishing you all the best for 2017!

Here I am with two minutes left of 2016 (good riddance) and a can of Limonata

in hand. Celebrating in style with my forum friends!

Now to find some music for the party!

Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!

I am already in 2017 HAPPY YEAR FAIRY… :hugging: I am drinking cheap fake cola


Happy New Year Mara! You live in the future already!

Suggest a song? Shall we have Adam Ant on our playlist?

Yes show us you are handsome!!!
Ridicule is nothing to be scared of!

Cheap fake cola’s a good way to celebrate!


9 mins till new year… Half expecting my tablet to explode… I’m gonna go to bed now… Im such a lightweight

im still gonna pretend it’s like, 2003. everyone have fun without me… zzz…


8 minutes to 2017 here in Portugal. Happy New Year everyone!!! :grin::cocktail:


Thanks for contributing to the song list!

Oh! I forgot All Star had a Mystery Men video.

6 minutes left! Surely you can stay up that long to HAPPY NEW YEAR! (Good riddance 2016)


Welcome to the party!

:fireworks: :candy: :chocolate_bar: :champagne:


HAPPY NEW YEAR FELLOW EUROPEANS!!! (In our bit of Europe)!!!

All the best for 2017!!!


Happy new year @FairyGodfeather and everybody else too of course. :sparkler:


How is it so far? Should I be excited?


So far 2017 has lots of explosions going on outside! (I hope those are fireworks) And a nice can of juice! So going good in the future!


You lie! My 2017 has absolutely no juice! :angry:

(Explosions, however, are verified.)


I will fly to your house with a can! Only my wings would get tired! And those explosions are dangerous!

Have some water instead! Celebrate in style!


Will this do? :tropical_drink:
It’s a little pixelated, but it’s the best I could offer :grin:

Still several hours to wait for me, but I’m sure there’ll be explosions as well.


Here in the US, I still have a good 7 hours and 43 minutes (at least in my timezone).

Tell me, what’s it like in the future?


Yea five hours or so here. Lol don’t you love being late for stuff, specially in response to 2016.


Ehh at least I can enjoy my 2016 memes for a while longer


The future is dark and filled with explosions!

Lots of loud noises. KABOOM!!!

Also now all the ships are tooting their horns. Noisy!


What kinds of loud noises? Anything similar to this?


I think @FairyGodfeather means fireworks and such.

I was going to wait until midnight local time but since I can’t be disciplined enough, I will say it now: “Happy New Years”.


Happy new years everybody