Happy New Year 2016


It is officially year 2016 in here, so I figured that I’d just leave this here :smile:


We still have an hour to go till '16, but happy New Year to you ^^


It already 7:09 AM from where I am lols New year is done still have a happy new year people.


Happy new year for all of you ! 00:10 here


Still got 4 hours and 15 minutes till 2016, but Happy New Year!


Happy New Years well in 6 hours here :stuck_out_tongue:


3 more hours here, but happy new year to you guys as well!


It’s 2:04 am here so happy new year everyone and good luck to your future endeavours


Happy New Year, everyone, whether it’s imminent or already in progress.


Cmon guys :C I still have 2 hours to go.


Happy New Year from smoggy Kathmandu!


Happy New Year everyone


Happy new year @RyseAbove, lol. 2 hours are up, eh?

And to the rest of you, too!


Happy new year :slightly_smiling: