Halloween Jam 2022

That’s pretty funny. good luck with yours too.


I’m doing a straight up murder mystery and I cannot be stopped.


Oh my gosh, I’m so excited! This seems like so much fun!

I’m a bit new to this contest though and just have a few quick questions if that’s alright? c:

  • Do we start writing now? Or is there an official start date for the actual writing instead of brainstorming?

  • Should we include our usernames in the game, or keep it anonymous?

  • And lastly, should we aim for a complete short game or would a very long demo be just as good?

Thank you so much for putting this all together, how wonderful <3


I can’t answer the last two questions, but you can start writing now.


Hi I am glad you are excited and trying this out!

-The jam started August 15th, So Yay! You can start your game.

Your game should let it clear that is made by you. Normally, that means that it is using your forum nickname. You can put other name if you specify to me that is your game.

The game should be a Game with several meaningful choices and endings.

You can expand it adding routes later after the jam is ended. But player must have a complete story not something that hasnt a clear ending.


Really interesting ! I love the trailer.

This would be an opportunity for me to write my first cs story. (I will participate if I can code something worthwhile) Good luck to the participants! :bat:


Go for it! The first one is always really special and the achievement regardless of how well it does is something to be proud of.


I have been fighting with my impostor syndrome today. The whole Pumpkin head as my randomised story. But searching for a muse, music inspires me, I found the story plot.

I will post mi muse in case it inspire someone else.


As a 90’s kid (and a Swede at that, like The Cardigans,) that made me nostalgic since I listened to the original song a lot as a child. A nice, stylish cover for sure.

Keep up the good fight against that pesky impostor syndrome, and well done regarding your success finding a plot! I can definitely relate when it comes to being inspired by music.


Hey, sorry for having so many questions about this, but how should stats look in a HJ game? Is it up to the writer or should stats be kept minimal?

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Totally up to the writer. Stats are no required. Only the theme and meaningful choices.

And dont worry, ask any question you have as can help others as well.


Okay thanks!


I have a few questions. Please forgive me if they were already answered.
I. Does the character need to be customizable?
II. How this ‘crowning’ occurs? Does it need to be included in the story?
III. I’m aware the story needs to include a masquerade. Is there anything else mandatory?
IV. When do we submit the story? And where?
V. How many endings the story needs?


Hi, @agarriberri0548; welcome to the jam and thanks for your questions. I will try to reply to them.
1- No. Customisation is not required at all. However, my advice is to tag your game properly in dashingdon to let players know beforehand the gender and sexual orientation the game is locked.

2- Crowning doesn’t occur in games is another section in a jam. But if you want to add a crowning to your game, you are free to do so.

3-A night party or funny event going on. For instance, it can be a concert where everyone uses full-blown costumes—a public theatre actuation where everyone uses greek theatre masks. Or an online VR party where everyone uses avatars and nobody knows who is in the event.

A party or equivalent social public event

Under the moonlight, so at night or no solar situation

A mask or something included tech or holograms or spells that makes it impossible to know who is who in the event

4-Deadline is 31 Oct at noon easter time. You will do your game on dashingdon or twine, giving me a public link. I will do all the administrative jobs of creating polls and coordinating all events as my hostess duty. I will provide a detailed list when we are near the deadline.

5- Nobody can say that it depends on too many factors. It would be best if you focused on giving meaningful choices to readers and with that give satisfactory conclusion could be two with several variants based on stats or options. You only have to focus on trying to avoid a linear game.


I’ve a question of my own, Mara. Something regarding what was already mentioned, which I have quoted below as a reference. I’m still working on my own Halloween Jam Story, got a general idea for the plot itself as well as the main characters that’ll be present.

Above, you mentioned we can do private beta testers. Are we able to do that here and in a separate demo post that is very clear that it’s private testing only for the jam? Like, could we discuss it in brief without actually having the demo itself available to anyone but the private testers?


The problem with that is that would give details and information about the game in public through people discussion. That could cause discomfort in the other participants and cause possible vias in the audience. If you want to do a thread you can but the only content will be the calling for testers.

There is also the fact that I don’t want to fill the forum with lots of private testing requests.

The most effective, fair and balanced is that there will be an official thread where Each author will post that it is ready to enter the private phase It will be called Halloween Jam Private testing request.


I’d rather avoid any undue complications for the sake of fairness.

An official thread would be a good idea, I’d say. It would make it easier for everyone. When posting the demo for the Private Testing thread, would we add a brief description of the story like we would in a normal thread for our demos? I know in a normal thread, we give a brief description of the story as well as anything that might be triggering for readers. Would we do the same here?

No only the theme of the jam. and the genre and if your game have triggering warnings and of is gender locked and to what genre if that is the case. The triggering reason being blurred.

As I said before, anything else would be unfair as everyone would see the Jam asking for testers thread. A summary will go against the no public info clause.


Understood. A bit of a misunderstanding on my part, for which I apologize. It’s also good to see that DashingDon has the Halloween Jam choice you mentioned earlier in the thread. I haven’t been on the site in a while, so I hadn’t seen it for myself.

One last question, if you don’t mind me asking. Have you set a date on when you plan on opening the Halloween Private Testing thread? When my story is ready for the Private Testing Phase, I would like to add mine to that thread (when the time comes). I don’t have a lot of experience with writing IF stories, and I tend to get a bit…self-critical.

Thank you for your patience, Mara. :slight_smile:

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The path I followed the last edition was openeing the beta testing when a participant asked me in pm saying that they are ready for the testing. I think is the most organic practical way of doing it.

And don’t apologise for asking, It is useful for the jam as helps other to solve doubts and even cheer them to try the jam.

I am here to solve questions and cheering as Hostess!

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