Halloween Game Jam

Hooray! I’ve got a market! But seriously though, I can’t write a story like at all but I’m pushing way too much detail for a profile, it’s both hilarious and irritating. :sweat_smile:


Where you find irritation, I find business opportunity. Write fleshed out characters and charge people for them. I’d certainly be a frequent customer.


Teach me. Teach me. flailing arms

Character are, like, my main weakness :no_mouth:


Nice One
Dashingdon is awesome

@Skillzerk Two endings, might add a third one…maybe. I’ve already written one of the endings when I haven’t finished the book :joy:

@moonfungus Gosubs can be something else, compile.html gives error for them so I didn’t use them anymore in my project

@Autumn19 I kind of suck at character profiles…particularly when it comes to first names… Still haven’t choosed a first name for the side character.
And I don’t want the reader to be bothered too much on how they look so I just fixed some stats :joy::joy:


I didn’t end up with enough time to actually do the Jam myself, but I’ve been keeping an eye on the thread and I just wanted to drop in and tell everyone they’re doing great. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m curious
Is anyone adding
Achievements to their game book?
I keep thinking about it


I did, still working on them though :sweat_smile: but it is not a must as not everyone likes them.


I was planning on adding achievements for certain things. Mainly simple ones that are easy to obtain.

But I’m rethinking the idea though, because I ended up having to rewrite the entire first half of the story and for now I don’t see how I can sneak achievements into it with the route it’s going in right now. :man_shrugging:


@Novachrome Is it a gosub_scene, so a separate text file? If so iirc you need to add them to the scene list, or else the compile.html file doesn’t know it needs to include it in the compiled file.

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Not sure I’d make a good mentor, but I always have a little guide I follow when I used to write characters for sci-fi garbage. I always go overboard with how they look, like down to the last detail though haha.

Haha, it’s tempting, I won’t lie, but I couldn’t possibly charge people for that… :thinking:

I don’t mind achievements that will trigger throughout the story, but having them for the sake of it to add replay value or just to trigger under obscure circumstances is something I don’t care for.

Names can be a pain, especially if you need to be creative for a sci-fi or fantasy setting. Reminded me of this comic I saw ages ago, applies more to an MMO but still somewhat relevant, but you don’t want to use objects in your room for inspiration. :sweat_smile:


People get charged for a lot of different things, adding that to the list won’t be much of a surprise. :laughing:

Haha, this reminds me of one achievement I had for shits and giggles. The only way to actually get it was through pure coincidence (if it’s a first playthrough) or hunting it down because it was hidden so deep in different endings that you could easily miss it.

Luckily I took it out when I decided to change the direction I’m going in. Even if it meant cutting down my word count by a noticeable margin.

May the hardest achievement to obtain rest in my recycle bin.

Unironically the achievement is named ‘I’m over it.’


I didn’t know, I’ll try that

@Autumn19 I like when achievements are actually necessary and not just for aesthetic purposes

Names can be a hassle
What’s the name of the comic?

Oh and on another note if you’re assigning gender signifying names which changes depending on your players gender choice
Do they both have to start with the same letter :jack_o_lantern:

No, that is weird for me. In fact, here I have fixed last name Lopez. Then you input your name of choice

That’s what I do/plan on doing, they don’t have to though, but for example with one character using the name Eliot for male characters and switching to Elise for female characters depending on what gender the player chooses for the character. It just feels like it flows better, can be less confusing for the writer.

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The problem I have personally with that is except that is a fixed protagonists with a very distinct personality from one gender to another I feel like they should or far better let player choosing the name or have a Unisex name. In games sometimes I have problems to empathise with characters with names I don’t like or I feel weird. Your example, about Eliot and Elise. Why can not Elise be a guy or Eliot a girl? I just see stupid separate names based on something like gender It should something that should dissapear in my opinion.

I agree, not a fan of gendered names either to be honest. But in writing I don’t want that bias to really seep through and traditionally there aren’t as many unisex names as masculine or feminine ones so there’s that too, if I didn’t use them I’d run out soon enough haha.

I do that directly Using names regardless expectations. For example, Maria or Jose. In fact, in Spanish can be used for both genders and is not rare A woman called Maria Jose or Jose directly and a man using Jose Maria or Josema or Josemi. I think that Anglo-American culture is more rigid about that separation between names. Probably the fact we use to have several names and two last names one for each of the parents makes see it differently all that.

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Three outta ten done, bay-beeee!


Looking more like a luger and less like a penis!


What it looks to me it would be XXX Money shot lol.


True beauty of Twine right there.

Pictured above; me being out of my mind, with a touch of scope creep to boot.

(Also, my phone camera kind of sucks)