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Very sorry to hear that. Nativism is thoroughly disgusting.


Why is everyone talking bad things about Cyprus? I mean, Cyprus is one of the places I always wanted to pay a visit: It’s the place where back in the 13th century which is extremely important, it’s the place where the gallant Knight Hospitallers made their legendary stand against the massive armies of the Ottoman Turks, as well as a place where Christians and Muslims can get together.


There is a difference between a country being a good place to visit, and a country being a good place to live. I have the dream of visiting Mars, but I have a feeling living there is a bit hard to do.


It’s a nice place to retire to, since you have money, and a nice place to visit.

Nice place to live in if you have a citizenship be it Cypriot or EU.

Not at all if you are here for none of those things. Don’t get me wrong: I really like this place. But the issues I have to go through to actually be here make it a very stressful thing that has even gone as far as hurt my mothers mental health after all these years (She’s been here longer than I… around 20 years.).

But as I said before: It’s a nice place to visit.


Well I have a different dream: I always wanted to visit the Holy Land and Jerusalem.


It’s essentially come down to “Well I have been here since 1998 and have applied for citizenship a few years ago. I should probably be around and wait to get it. Whenever that day comes.”

EDIT: Jesus I’ve been here 20 years now. It has always been stuck in my mind as “18” since that’s the last time I actually had to think about it… damn time flies.

Not all doom and gloom though. Thanks to this internet age I’m working on making a game with a few friends, who are quite skilled pixel artists luckily for me. Hopefully that will help me in some ways. Even thought of writing a CoG story set in that universe since I do enjoy writing, but never really had the confidence to do so. I am too much of a perfectionalist.


Wish you the best for doing your project.

Well, at least Cyprus had a more pleasant weather than most places, although I’d prefer milder climates, I still like the weather like that of Cyprus and Southern Italy.



And yeah the climate here is amazing. Sometimes it’s really sunny yet it is raining. Really weird combination I’ll admit. Makes it a nice place to visit for vacation that’s for sure. I’d say Limassol is the nicest town of all due to being built up a lot thanks to tourism.


Point, not that. Although ask a Palestinian and you’d probably get the same statement, about the difference between a good place to visit and a good place to live.


@HomicidialFrog don’t forget that you Brits turned Cyprus into a massive air strip for the RAF.


Akrotiri and Dhekelia still are Sovereign Base Areas of the UK.


It can be very good place to live in, only if…if the Holy Land can be a peaceful and the Kingdom which The Lord had destined it to be. And it’s all in God’s making now… But for myself as a Baptist Christian, it always feels like there is a reason that I should paid the Holy Land a visit someday.


Its a place fill with tons of history and ruins of ancient empires. Sadly your right about it not being peaceful. Since the crusades and even before that its been a battle field for many peoples and states.


It’s unfortunate, but since the first Akkadian killed the first Neolithic Caananite (probably earlier), human beings have been waging war against each other over that thin strip separating Egypt from the rest of the Levant. That’s not to say that there probably isn’t more than a few inches of human blood spilled over every cubic feet of soil, but from as far east as Persia to as far west as Rome, nearly every major civilization has been involved in wars over the region, as well as the rest of the Levant and Fertile Crescent.

No wonder both the Sumerians and the early Israelites believed the afterlife was bleak and full of conflict.


Its a strategic region and has important trade routes too. But just blame the British and French for the current situation, if they hadn’t draw up the borders in that secret treaty and instead allow the natives to decide the borders. It might not be so bad today.


Shitstorms brought by Imperialism and Colonialism…


While I have a hard time finding a way to put the Sykes-Picot agreement and such in any sort of positive light, I am not sure any possible post-Ottoman organization of things would have been entirely peaceful.

Sorting out who controlled what territory would have involved some rather vigorous disputes, though it might have been formed around something slightly more coherent.


Wow nice to see this forum is the exact same mix of real world politics and actual discussion about the game its always been even after a couple of months away :smile:


The best their more countries in the region and more stable some what with almost every ethnic group getting something. But that be after some fighting and population trading like with Turkey and Greece in 23 or 22 between the new nations

At worst their a bunch of warring states fighting over oil and resources.


The thing is after the fighting and one side is the victor things go rather badly for the losers in the now occupied territory. These losers are (understandably) uncooperative with the new government and will resist them any way they can and will act as a casus bellum for the rest of their people to reclaim the territory leading to even more war.

In the Balkans and Middle East the most common solution to these problems were forced assimilation and genocide in order to secure the land and resources.

This in turn breeds extreme hatred to that ethnic group and will prompt more violence and hatred from the survivors and the rest of the aggrieved ethnicity living outside the conquered land. Its not really something that has an easy solution

A few examples would be the Armenian, Hellenic and Assyrian genocides with the Turks in particular being the principle perpetrators for the first two