Guns of Infinity



I’ll build a wall around the Curtain Of Storms and pay it myself.


To put this in perspective, Juan d’al Mutant’s net worth is like 2x what the Koch Brothers when Tierran crowns are converted to US dollars. Just imagine all the influence he could gain in the Cortes.


It’s only money, though.

Not as good as land.


…wouldn’t you need to go on the other side of the Curtain in order to build a wall around it?

…and why would you build a wall around a wall anyway?


The Curtain of Storms isn’t a wall, it’s a curtain.

Like a shower curtain.

Of death.


Maybe the curtain of storms will go away if we throw enough elves at it.

Let’s genocide them.

Though to be fair humans are the inferior species. If Baneless are to be ruled by banebloods then banebloods are to be ruled by elves.

So Baneless are like the bitches bitch.

Though I admit it’s interesting playing the inferior race. I wonder how their inferiority will play out. I’d imagine Elven world dominance unless something drastic happens. Especially since its an objective fact that humans are inferior. I’d welcome our elven overlords.


“Hmph, I see.” scribbles


It’s actually residing by the rate of 20-30 km per century
On the downside the MC probably won’t live to see it when it’s gone
On the plus side the elves will finally be humbled by the dwarf riding emus


"Don’t you see?! Elven supremacy is the only truth!


I still don’t really think that Dwarves would choose to ride on light and fast emus, rather I think they would prefer the heavy and powerful rams and bulls.

Tierra will not allow herself to be ruled by some Elven overlords or elven puppets! Tierra will only be ruled by Tierrans, and Tierrans alone.


Ha! Foolish knave, you think the dwarves are in control ? It’s those evil birds
They’re the ones who bought Caz a comission in the dragoons so that they can spy on us grabs tinfoil shako


Do you want to get visited by II commandos that don’t officially exist ?
Because that’s how you get visited by II commandos that don’t officially exist


Doesn’t matter what Tierra thinks. To be fair it would make sense for mankind to be under Elves. They are right to think of humans like animals honestly. Can see humans being pets like dogs or something, except dogs are better than most humans so who knows?

I dunno it just makes perfect sense for me for humans to be ruled by elves seeing how humans are inferior to them and with their long lifespans they can make much better rulers than any human lord. Humans just can’t even compete there or anywhere.

Objectively speaking they would make better lords than any human.


Come on, man!! Where does the dignity of being a human goes?!


Humans are humans but they are inferior so… can’t ignore the truth.

Then again in real life I don’t really care about any country as one would usually care for their homeland so to me it’s the same thing. Well we’re inferior, oh well who cares that’s just how it is. I’d rather have the most capable person doing the job rather than an objectively inferior person.




Actually, they’re canonically not superior to humans, just far longer lived. Which means they have a much longer time to develop, master and employ their skills than humans do. A 30 year old Takaran is equal of a 30 year old human, in fact, the latter may be more mature since the former has more “youth” to waste. How many of us spent a strong majority of our childhood doing absolutely nothing of value today? raises hand

But sure, there’s an argument to be had that elderly Takarans would make for extremely competent rulers. Thing is, you’re assuming they’ll be completely benevolent. I’m picturing more:

Every human is an exploited minimum wage worker under the all-encompassing Greater Realm of Takara. None of us are allowed to vote, it’s acceptable (and strongly encouraged by the state) to bar us from schools/universities, we have absolutely no labour rights, law enforcement viciously suppress any demonstrations against our oppression, Imperial Intelligence secretly engineers famines to keep our population at manageable levels and whatever other creative ways to keep humanity in chains.

Not to mention that people discovered to be from the old “aristocratic” bloodlines (baneless mobs were encouraged to violently depose and systemically execute their baneblooded overlords along with their families.) of humanity are dragged off in the night by Imperial Intelligence, never to be seen again. Because of course a fascist Takara would consider baneblooded humans an existential threat.

That’s of course, completely unlikely to happen anytime soon because Takara seems to content to impose a hegemony (Sorry: “enlighten”) over lesser powers and I’m sure even the most reactionary of Takarans would consider that abominable. But I’m having dark visions of an industrialized Takara in the distant future, full of existential terror and state paranoia.


Honestly still sounds pretty good. Then again in Cyprus you basically can’t vote since every candidate is horrible and pretty much everyone acknowledges that. Minimum wage would even be great! I’d actually go for that since it sounds much better than what situation I’m in but I’d imagine I’m the minority here.

Longer life and all of them having stronger power over the bane? Yeah they are superior.


…Well, uh, to each his own I suppose…:astonished:


Well I’m not even allowed to work for money in this country so… hell minimum wage sounds amazing.

In fact life under takarans sounds pretty close to what my family has been hoping for 15+ years now ._.