Guns of Infinity



I’m not sure what the standard of proof for accusing a baneblood of murder is, but “a great grandson of a banker who Callum the Cruel screwed over.” has no reason to kill Katarina.

So I’m pretty sure the list of possible suspects isn’t that long.

And of course, RTI and/or Caz might turn the PC into fish food without bothering to find evidence sufficient for a legal conviction, if they find out he did it/hired someone else to do it.


You don’t actually need to be on good terms with Lefebvre to capture her alive, I reported his actions to Hunter, so he pretty much hated me, but I still managed to convince him because my characters reputation was high enough.


As you silently creep into the dining room you come across the slim form of Lady Katarina at supper, her back conveniently towards you.

“Ah, Lord Aldershall. You’re late.” Katarina comments, not breaking her supper or for that matter even turning to face you.

Panicked, you attempt to fire off a shot but before you can even pull the trigger she jumps out of her seat and twists around to launch her plate at you in a single, fluid motion; sending your pistol flying out of your now stinging hand. A powerful boot sends her chair sliding towards you, causing you to trip and fall face first on the floor. Halfway through lifting yourself up a guardless sabre impales you in the chest.

“Did you really believe that would succeed, Sancroix?” comes the voice of Lady Katarina, from behind you. “Sir Caius, would you please dispose of this refuse?”

Your last sight before fainting is the confusing sight of Sir Caius removing his wig.


Really depends on how complex you want the whole assassination plan to be. You can’t really plan for your husband suddenly throwing you off a cliff and then blaming the wind and the wet ground or whatever. Doesn’t matter how much of a super awesome mega-great spy you are.

And yes, that is a pretty obvious assassination which would be incredibly suspicious and Caius would go and (try to) murder you without a question. But in theory it would have her killed, and no serious investigation should find proof that you are the guilty one (“Whatcha gonna do, find fingerprints?”). It would just ruin your reputation and your relationship with the people of Leoniscourt, and bring a murderous Caius on your heels. No biggie.


MC: “My sweet silly jealous wife, I’ve only loved one person, I promise you.”

Katarina: “Only one? Oh, [player name], do you swear it? Only one?”

MC: “Only Caius.” Push

…though I really don’t think Katarina would fall for that as easily as Lysa Arryn.


Am I the only person who hasn’t thought of killing Katarina?


I’ve thought of it. Briefly.

Then I realized it was a horrible idea. Also, killing her will do more harm than good, because you’re probably going to have all these distant cousins of the Cazarostas quarreling over who gets Leoniscourt, no one will approve of the King taking it himself, and it will just be a mess.

Plus, given that she is the Earl’s sole legitimate child, I can only assume she will be one of the most heavily guarded people in Tierra once her identity is made public.


I suppose it depends on how you count this:

I don’t want her dead, but I can imagine playing a character who would find that (cat and also-cat) attractive.


@Jjcb gave me something that made me laugh for 2 minutes.

Hey Sir Caius 1v1 me and my 90 soldering.


Killing her isn’t worth the trouble. That’s what I think at least.


But Sir Caius does not fight fair. :grinning:


That’s what my 80 intelligence is for so I can construct a nuclear reactor with a paper weight and a piece of string.

And my 330 million crowns for some reason.

This will be used for my meme play through. My serious playthrough will always be my Wulframite because that was a fun character to try to make balanced and successful.

It’s also fun because it makes sense that my character whole-heartedly supports Hunter becoming a Saint. That way, we can have a Wulframite Order-Militant.


well, looking at your stats, it woulda been kinda weird to not be stinking rich too.


It would I just find it over the top to have 330 million.


I’m planning to buy Miguel’s debt and make him my puppet.


Why not buy takaran public debt as well?


I’ll build a wall around the Curtain Of Storms and pay it myself.


To put this in perspective, Juan d’al Mutant’s net worth is like 2x what the Koch Brothers when Tierran crowns are converted to US dollars. Just imagine all the influence he could gain in the Cortes.


It’s only money, though.

Not as good as land.


…wouldn’t you need to go on the other side of the Curtain in order to build a wall around it?

…and why would you build a wall around a wall anyway?