Guns of Infinity



Because my MC didn’t have enough reasons to fear for his future, right? You know, and he got into that whole mess because of good old Kat. That will serve as a lesson for him, too bad he isn’t going to live long enough to actually learn it. :cry:

It’s war then. I am going to invade Antar all by myself. It would be a fitting end to the stupidity of my MC so far.

I think everyone will end up paying the price, from Lefebvre to the peasants that enabled us to show our martial superiority over Antar! As a bankrupt baron, I’m guessing Khorobirit can always limit his vengeance to buy our debt and force us into slavery or something like that :sweat_smile:


I cannot say this enough: FACTS.




Can we help her kill Katarina?


NO, you can only try to capture her by yourself, which of course you have to be on good terms with Lefebvre in sabres. Or you could just stay out of it, or you can convince her to surrender.

To your question.


Who is that in reply to?

Huh, where can we capture Katarina? Didn’t know we could capture her, I wonder how Caz responds to his sister being captured.


I have to admit I hope that whatever Khorobirit (and family) want vengeance for, he/they don’t blame his defeat on Kharangia on the Secret Mission as such.

Khorobirit refusing to accept that his own decisions lead to his defeat would make me think considerably less of him as either a person or a (threatening) enemy.

Me speaking as the one writing this, not from an IC perspective.




I wonder if we marry her, have a kid with her, then have her killed so we can get married to someone much better. Thus end up with our heir getting good titles and we get a nice wife. Or at least not Kat.




I’ll be honest, I have no idea why people like her so much. Khors family seems more likable than she and her family.




You try capture Katrina, the sole heir to Leoniscourt as well as confidential agent of His Tierran Majesty? In this case you’ll be considered as either insane or you’re revolting and to be charged for treason, as threatening the life of the agent who is in the service of His Tierran Majesty’s government. I was referring to capturing or killing Anna of Khorobirit.


Killing her at least gets the earldom into the king’s hands. And could be a awarded to a loyal subject who plays his cards right.


You’ll cause more unrest and damage to the Tierran Peerage which will most likely go down in infamy or chaos. Leoniscourt is the head figure that represent most if not all of the Salt Coast nobles, making this move you’ll cause a chain reaction which will make the other Salt Coast petite nobles to fight one another for becoming the leading power of the Salt Coast Regions.


I’m not sure Leoniscourt is particularly more important than the other earls of the Salt Coast, but even if it was the most important earldom - there’s still the others.

Killing Katarina is more “Do you really think killing a lady of the blood and Caz’s sister is going to end well?” than anything else.

It’s not something that will be “Oh, well, no one misses the Cazarostas anyway.”,


Not to mention that she’s, you know, a spy, and from all indications a very good one at that. I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to think that she’d catch on if an MC entirely unschooled in spy-craft tried to kill her, and woe to our Dragoon when that happens.


Well, we’re not bankrupt if we got the random for Aleksandra!


Depends if they traced it back to the MC. Who going to suspect a poor baron of killing her when she likely has plenty of enemies around.


The only way I can see any chance of killing her were to be if she was sniped. Up close were be too dangerous and she a good spy for poison to work.


They might not specifically suspect the PC, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to dismiss evidence of him being involved, either.