Guns of Infinity



No. He gives his freeholders the same kind of responsibility all the time.
That isn’t necessarily a reflection that Khorobirit has more liberal values than your average Tierran baneblood, just different ones - despite whatever dignity his temporary rank might accord him, he’s still working as a servant under a “proper” baneblood (Reyes, in this case), which means that in the Antari perspective, he’s just an overpaid minion.


Interesting. Though I imagine Lewes’s insolence would be considerably less “Well, knowing infantry NCOs, it’s not actually surprising.” in a society where the average infantryman can be impaled simply because “Because I can.” is a prerogative.


Kind of. Someone like Lewes would be too skilled to be disposable. An Antari noble’s first reaction to Lewes’ personality would probably be something like “you should get that beaten out of him.”


I’m suddenly wondering about attitudes towards the baneless in say, Kian and Mersdon. Is the fairly liberal (emphasis on “fairly”) attitude of Tierra towards the baneless more widespread, or is the average baneless treated somewhere between peasant and chattel slave outside of Antar?


Yeah. I guess I should have phrased that more that Antari banebloods regard “I don’t have to give reasons for how I dispose of baneless chattel.” as sacred to the point that someone like Lewes is far more insolent than his Antari counterparts.

It looks as if few if any Antari baneless would dare assume that “Sergeants can be insolent.” is “merely” annoying even with relatively benign/patient banebloods.


From a purely analytical standpoint, I can see a few Antari lords like Khorobirit respecting the fact that our system produces a well-regulated and well-performing army. But they would see the fact that we produce men like Lewes, and even Lanzerel (who is a great sergeant, but definitely takes liberties regarding both words and actions) to be a distinct downside.

I wonder how many, however, would realize that “beating the personality” out of these same men would very negatively impact their effect on the troops.


I always assumed Hunter cut himself off because he didn’t want to be drawn into an unseemly argument in front of the men, less so saying “welp, I guess you’ve got a point there.”


Really hard to tell, since in Hunter’s files in the soldier’s guide it is said that Hunter often defend those who are inferior to him or others, so maybe we can also assume that he’ll defend them when he think its needed.


@Murdockchan But that was made by those who wanted to saint hunter, so not everything in it can be true


And that’s why I said it is hard to tell…


Eh, I dunno. The entry on the Soldier’s Guide to the Infinite Sea is a poster on Hunter written by his supporters. Maybe they just picked something that aligned with his general personality, no matter how true it is. “Major Hunter used to protect the weak!” goes well when you’re trying to project a good image of someone.

I guess Hunter himself was mildly indifferent to Antari serfs. He probably thought it was bad when they weren’t treated well by their lords, but that was just the way things had always been on that piece of the world.


I imagine he’d be angrier with the man who killed his wife.


It wasn’t the MC who killed his wife, it was Lefebvre


The problem is, if you capture Lady Alessandra. She knows your name and your description and I am sure Khorobirit knows the Royal dragoon uniform and it won’t be hard to track down a major.


He’ll know it even better during 2K since he stays at the rear with a very clear view of what’s happening on his left flank (our right flank).

There are only two majors in the single regiment, so…yeah.

BUT wouldn’t Anna know you too if you captured her alive?


I think Anna would be more interested in murdering Katarina.


Now that true!! She hate her for using her as a tool to lead the love of her life to destroy himself. Hey!! Might else we’ll be the target as well if we ended up marrying Katrina.


I feel like that will somehow play a part if we decide to marry her.


Precisely. You would think he’d be angrier with Lefebvre than with the MC?


Being angrier with Lefebvre is not the same as not angry with you.

There’s plenty of gruesome vengeance for everyone.