Guns of Infinity



Because Khorobirit isn’t by the sea.

Get it?

Khorobirit learns and he got some other Princes to think about this stuff too. Jughsavil and Norribirit for one. He’ll also force the Antari to change as well to prevent Khorobirit from dominating them.

Secondly, do you think that’s enough to save them from Takara and Kian? I have a feeling that Khorobirit roaring at the top of his lungs that he wants Miguel dead and Tierra a chattel house will inspire… drastic measures especially if he becomes Tsar and Autocrat of all the Antars.

But that’s just me and besides, this is always a fun little debate.


It’s certainly going to provoke a response, I’ll grant that.

Anything else - well, I’m wondering what Khorobirit wants besides his family, Miguel’s head on a pike, and a few new “I heard a really funny joke.” “What was it?” “I can’t tell you that, I impaled the serf who told it to me.” stories.

Until we see that I have nothing new.


It’s probably a vast escalation from, “I just want to kick their asses to become ‘First amongst equals’ but noooo, they had to be assholes and kick my ass and murder my wife.”


For some reason, I’m imagining that in a voice like Alan Rickman’s.

It fits the attitude I think of when I think of Khorobirit.


I don’t know who Alan Rickman is, but I’m going to pretend that I do just to appear hip and cultured.


Well said, good sir.


Shame on you


It’s a very particular sort of suffering fools (or enemies) poorly, in a “I suppose you can’t help being so stupid.” way.


Khorobirit’s view on serfdom is conservative, but not reactionary. He firmly believes that the baneless are profoundly inferior human beings, but he also believes that while they are inferior, they can still be motivated (or manipulated) using the same levers as his baneblooded “peers”.

In short, he’s willing to give individual serfs a leg up if they “deserve” it, and it benefits him, but he doesn’t necessarily have a longstanding opposition to the institution of serfdom.

Though that being said, this is still a “conservative” stance by Tierran standards. By Antari ones, it’s rather liberal.

Oh yes, from both of them.


So will Aleksandra be more Elizabeth or Catherine?

Just curious.


So the wrath of the Khorobirits???


Serfdom seems abhorrent to Tierrans from the MC’s perspective at least. Are the characters around the MC less conservative than the Tierran norm?


Not necessarily. Most Tierrans (including conservative ones) consider serfdom abhorrent, but they also consider it a part of Antari character, and not something that must necessarily require urgent change.


So Antari baneless are particularly incapable of leadership from the Tierran perspective?


As I understand it, looking at the different ways to respond to Lewes’s brevet rank, the average Tierran baneblood considers the baneless to be lacking the natural qualities baneblood bestows, but is open to at least academic consideration of certain exceptional individuals defying the rule (to a limited extent).

A conservative Tierran would regard that as something closer to “but sooner or later their luck will run out”.


Consider how Hunter doesn’t offer a rejoinder when Karol of Loch all-but says “you might treat baneless differently in Tierra, but this is Antar, things are different”.

Antari baneless might be oppressed far beyond their desserts, but to most Tierrans, that’s just the way Antar is.


@Cataphrak Would Khorobirit regard someone like Lewes having (temporary) officer’s rank as particularly absurd?


No. He gives his freeholders the same kind of responsibility all the time.
That isn’t necessarily a reflection that Khorobirit has more liberal values than your average Tierran baneblood, just different ones - despite whatever dignity his temporary rank might accord him, he’s still working as a servant under a “proper” baneblood (Reyes, in this case), which means that in the Antari perspective, he’s just an overpaid minion.


Interesting. Though I imagine Lewes’s insolence would be considerably less “Well, knowing infantry NCOs, it’s not actually surprising.” in a society where the average infantryman can be impaled simply because “Because I can.” is a prerogative.


Kind of. Someone like Lewes would be too skilled to be disposable. An Antari noble’s first reaction to Lewes’ personality would probably be something like “you should get that beaten out of him.”


I’m suddenly wondering about attitudes towards the baneless in say, Kian and Mersdon. Is the fairly liberal (emphasis on “fairly”) attitude of Tierra towards the baneless more widespread, or is the average baneless treated somewhere between peasant and chattel slave outside of Antar?