Guns of Infinity



I’m not sure how many of the Antari lords have any interest in favoring Khorobirit. Between his rivals on one hand, and his defeat on the other, he’s been in a more impressive position than he is now - line infantry or no.

Not to rule him out, but it’s something that will be part of what the Antari banebloods do or don’t do about a system they believe is a morally good thing.


Well, there aren’t many on his side. But those few ones are one of the most influential and powerful banelords of the league congress: Noribirit, Jugashavil and a few others of his cousins by marriage are powerful members. Noribirit the most closely tied to Khorobirit of course, since the Princess Anna, the love of his life was the Lady Anna of Noribirit.


As long as the Congress is run by “anything short of 100% agreement is not good enough”, powerful allies only go so far. And Khorobirit isn’t exactly opposed to that system as far as I know - being able to block things by his “one vote in dissent” is something he’s used.


The only thing is will he come to realise that whether a league congress without a central figure or cabinet to lead will be a good idea for Antar or not. Since Takara had stated that Antar is a superpower who is declining due to its political structures. And whether he had the daring to made the move to push Antar into becoming a central government or not, and only time can tell, and only he can decide.


Isn’t that more the mandate of enabling crazy?
Shouldn’t “good friends” try not to enable crazy whenever possible?


@Cataphrak, what color scheme does the Clan Havenport have for their tartan? Just curious because I know they have to wear burnt orange when in uniform.


@Bryce_Kaldwin, a question: What’s exactly the detail of the Battle of the Northern Pillars? I know it was the greatest naval victory for the Royal Navy but what’s the detail in it? Since you’re more senior to me in the group.


Basically the Antari finally realized that they should unify their fleets and their plan was probably to attempt to sweep away the RTN as a prelude to an invasion. The problem was that their navy was out of date and by that point it was too little too late. The RTN had experienced captains and crews and met them in battle and sunk the vast majority of the remnants of the League of Antar’s Navy and the Takarans stepped in to negotiate peace. That’s at least what I think I read once.

Just imagine a few hundred Church Hussars on the Cunarian plains to some up how bad it could get if the Antar did land.


So it’s one of the biggest naval engagements similar to the Battle of Trafalgar of our real world up to date since the empire had fallen? Too bad we don’t have the exact details of the engagement, I really hope that we could finally see how does HMS Rendower look like.

They’ll break every bit of our bones.


I’m not even sure the HMS Rendower participated in it. You have to remember that ships like that don’t have an eternal lifespan. The Constitition and HMS Victory need to be constantly looked after due to the fact that the wood of the boat needs to be replaced which costs money.


And they’re quite costly indeed, but it worth it.

It’s hard to tell since the Rendower is the crown jewel as well as the flagship of the Royal Navy, all that I kept doing is imagining that Rendower has a figurehead of two gryphons flanking a silver tower of the Rendowers.


Rendowner might had been in the first war with Antar cause it only happen about thirty years before the second one. Ships like that can last decades before decommissioning if maintains.


I think thirty plus years is long enough to be worth noting.

Possible, certainly - Victory at Trafalgar - but it would be more than just ordinary maintenance, judging by the same ship.


@Cataphrak, what is the name of the first 1st rate after Rendower? You know, that stuff of the second ship in the ranks after the flagship.


Even if you’re opposed to a system, you can still use it to your advantage.

If someone calls Khorobirit a hypocrite, with one hand he can just wave it off and say: “I did it to prove my point - the Congress is corrupt”, while with the other hand he gestures for a serf to go fetch an impaling spike.

If he truly wishes to become the White King, he’s going to need to either abolish that system or reduce its power. Otherwise his title will be in name only and his descendants won’t be able to get anything done.


I think his views might have evolved after he got shafted by the Congress and it enabled Tierra to murder his loved ones.


Well, it didn’t enable them, exactly. It was Khorobirit who left his family at Januszkovil, and it was the commander of Januszkovil who failed to clear the surrounding forest, which is what helped Lefebvre launch his surprise attack.

Though I can see how he might blame them, and think something like: “If they had given me more support, Kharangia or M’hillanovil never would have fallen” (towns/cities which Khorobirit himself made the decision to leave lightly manned.)

(note: I’m not saying he was wrong to make these decisions. Januszkovil was the safest place for his family, while Kharangia would have held out had Garing not shown up with his new invention, and he sort of had to abandon M’hillanovil if he wanted to retake the city.)


If the League didn’t deprive him of reinforcements after Blogia he could have swept us into the sea. That’s more of what I meant. The League was more afraid of him taking more influence than winning the war.


How many reinforcements did he actually request?

Because if I recall correctly, the reason he couldn’t sweep us into the sea because our entire army was stationed in a fortified town that could be supplied via sea, and harvest season was coming up which meant his own men would have other places to be.





“Because they are needed for the harvest.”