Guns of Infinity



A very good point; I wouldn’t mind knowing those statistics at the time of 1922 myself.

To be honest, I’m a far stretch from an expert in this area by any means. I do know that there was a huge shift in Irish attitudes towards nationalism after 1916. Before the Rising, Irish opinion towards British rule was much more diverse; supporters of republicanism existed but were in smaller in number when compared to supporters of Home Rule, spearheaded by John Redmond. Supporters for British rule were also higher as well, I have no doubt. It was only following the reaction of British authorities in Dublin that the public opinion firmly swayed in favour of republicanism.


The US with Britain and France are conducting a military operation in Syria.

British planes have taken off from Cyprus and I’m sure the same can be said about our bases in Jordan and Qatar.


Thank God for the New Jersey Plan and then Hamilton throwing in his hyper executive plan to push for a more Federal compromise. Hamilton was pretty brilliant he pushed for an incredibly strong executive so he can get enough concessions to have a good enough executive.


Hm, some error seems to have gotten in the way of my intended post displaying. Let’s try that again, hopefully without it being actually a double post.

What I know is barely past “I read the wikipedia article on the Rising.”, granted, but I’m leaning towards guessing that there may have been a lot of “neither fervently supportive or adamantly opposed to” the status quo or Home rule pre-Rising.

But once that shattered, we get the Emerald Isle drenched in blood and bitterness.



Okay this is a crazy assed suggestion: create bane chaff. If there are substances like bane seals that increase power and direction of the bane cast, perhaps there is a substance that locally disperses or weakens the bane cast. Sure it might take 50 years to develop it but if it could be created you bring the Tarkarans down closer to your level. Second we could harden Tierran coastal fortresses by coating them with bane furnace cement. Last, perhaps there are sound frequencies that the knife ears can hear but round ears can’t. If the sound at the target frequency could incapacitate the elves or give the really bad headaches like a super high pitched whistle.


Artillery wins wars.

Lets just develop massive artillery divisions and outright bomb the elves. Can’t cast bane when you are being bombed 24/7 eat that elves.

I wonder if they can make Rune Cannons :thinking:


If there’s one woman who does not have a mandate for a military operation it would be Theresa May.

What is supposed to be the end goal in Syria now anyway, they’re not going to split it, except for maybe granting some more Kurdish areas to Turkey. Turn it into a franchise for Saudi Arabia instead of the Ayatollahs of Iran? That’ll be big friggin’ help! When even our state media is openly talking about the supposed “opposition” that is so worthy of our support as “moderate” extremists (so they’ll do what, just shoot gay people instead of tie them to chairs and push us off the rooftops?) I think it might be time to not go for a sunk-cost-fallacy and accept that Assad has won for the foreseeable future.


An MC could invest in lumber and mills within wulfram, in Cunaris horses and horsbreeding, salt coast would be fish or ports or boats, Aetoria would be apples? Maybe? I dont know yet.


It’s called the Mandate of being a good friend.


If “they” is the Takarans:

If they means Tierra::

There have been other mentions of runecannons worth reading, but this for the sake of comparing Takarans to Tierrans.


To be fair, I don’t think Takara can afford it either. But like the US, when there’s a will, there’s a way to borrow.


Well, Takara doesn’t have such an extreme shortage of banecasters.

THat seems to help a lot.

Not to say you’re wrong, though.


I’ll admit I do like the parallels you can draw between the nations in the infinite sea and in real life. With Takara being a more likable version of the US and Antar looking like a more competent version of Russia :joy:


Russia at least had a central government.


Good point on that. We’ll see how Antars government changes if at all.


If they changes into a central government with a congress, with someone who is sides with Khorobirit, then we’re porked! Hell is coming to breakfast for sure…
BTW @Blazerules, having four baneruned 64-pounders? It’ll be better than nothing.


I’m not sure how many of the Antari lords have any interest in favoring Khorobirit. Between his rivals on one hand, and his defeat on the other, he’s been in a more impressive position than he is now - line infantry or no.

Not to rule him out, but it’s something that will be part of what the Antari banebloods do or don’t do about a system they believe is a morally good thing.


Well, there aren’t many on his side. But those few ones are one of the most influential and powerful banelords of the league congress: Noribirit, Jugashavil and a few others of his cousins by marriage are powerful members. Noribirit the most closely tied to Khorobirit of course, since the Princess Anna, the love of his life was the Lady Anna of Noribirit.


As long as the Congress is run by “anything short of 100% agreement is not good enough”, powerful allies only go so far. And Khorobirit isn’t exactly opposed to that system as far as I know - being able to block things by his “one vote in dissent” is something he’s used.


The only thing is will he come to realise that whether a league congress without a central figure or cabinet to lead will be a good idea for Antar or not. Since Takara had stated that Antar is a superpower who is declining due to its political structures. And whether he had the daring to made the move to push Antar into becoming a central government or not, and only time can tell, and only he can decide.