Guns of Infinity



I think Tierra’s best bet would be to use their navy as commerce raiders based around small groups of frigate wolfpacks, attacking Takara shipping and overseas supply lines. While we don’t have the resources to eat casualties and go toe to toe with Takara’s Navy like Kian can, we can force the elves to divert significant resources to protecting their shipping and hopefully deprive their land forces of vital supplies.

Aaaand there goes that plan.


This is where “to catch a commerce raider, send a better commerce raider.” warship design then leaves the RTN as ashes floating on the waves, isn’t it?


Honestly what our plan should be is to create an army of airships armed with firebombs. And teach the knife ears a lesson about aerial supremacy.


HMS Newcastles as far as the eye can see.


our best bet against tarkara would be strong defenses like the ones I mentioned above and privateers/ raiding parties and ships whose job is to harry not invade the tarkarans


So about those airships, when are you going to add a Gryphon figurehead to them?



Dare I ask what ship you mean?



Hey it was good enough for a white peace despite some truly spectacular blundering…


I was afraid it was going to be that.


Which is why I mentioned getting airships and firebombing the Takarans from the air.


I’m really not trying to imagine how “hydrogen is highly flamable” and “Takarans can manipulate the bane without seals” combine, Bryce. Seeing pictures of the Hindenburg disaster has kind of lead me to be mildly pyrophobic.


You build engines Elf, steampunk style. And you borrow white phosphorus bombs.



What part of “pyrophobic” suggests that I want to imagine that either?

“Fire for everyone!” sounds like it’ll lead to at least three Kian proverbs within a week, though.


“It’s good enough to get exactly what your opponent wanted” doesn’t sound too encouraging to me.


There has to be a way. The Takarans are not omnipotent otherwise Kian wouldn’t exist.


I agree with your sentiment entirely. It’s worth noting though that at the time Northern Ireland (NI) was conceived, large swathes of the land that would be NI consisted of a republican (and typically catholic) majority. They still do to this day. The regions that did have a unionist (and typically Protestant) majority were really only the north east coastal counties - and even there, the unionist population didn’t have a significant lead on the republican population.

If it had been separated due to the inclinations of their respective populations, Northern Ireland would only have been in and about a third of the size it is today.


“Takara is not omnipotent.” and “Tierra can defeat Takara.” are not necessarily both true statements seems the stumbling block.

I would be interested in how much of what’s independent Ireland was entirely anti-union. If I was more of a gambling man, I’d bet there are few parts of the island that were 100% (or even 90%) one or the other.


Nunavut should clearly get the most seats by that metric since it is the largest of your provinces by area, at 21.3% of total Canadian territory if the Wiki is to be believed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
It’d be good for your First Nations at least (and probably bad for those poor cute little fluffy seals :cry:). :wink:

Practically every Western European one since the wall came down as well. Even the one Conservative policy I largely agree with, their “long breath” re-arming, repairing and retooling of the armed forces is projected to take us to just 1.8% of GDP gradually over the next 15-20 or so years. And we only did that because Trump and Putin scared us.


It means occasional lover