Guns of Infinity



Both of those are inherently non-proportional by design. The same would be true of Canadian provinces, right? The only difference is Canada has not restricted the size of the federal legislature.

@idonotlikeusernames tribes have sovereignty from the states they are physically located in, but get to vote in statewide federal elections.

Regarding the territories I’d only point out they don’t have to pay federal taxes and they haven’t voted for statehood yet so the point is somewhat moot.


Why do I have the distinct impression that appearances are things that shrewd Takaran lords (and politicians, and especially lords with actual power) take great care over?

I mean, everyone does that, but Takarans being more blunt doesn’t necessarily mean that Takarans dissemble less.


In a way, it’s a whole mishmash of systems with visible American, German, and Japanese influences, like everything else in Takara.

Sato vam Rusch is the Imperial Minister of the Fleet. Her family’s a bit newer than the Holts, but they’re also pretty distinguished, complete with their own great past martial hero (General Hitomi vam Rusch, in this case).

She and Lord Cassius have been known to… participate in joint manoeuvres in the past.

Quite easily: he’s got the Holt political machine behind him if he wants it, and while Graav Maximilian isn’t an elected representative, he is effectively the leader of the Coalitionists, which means he has a lot of pull with more or less half the senate.

Kind of. Canadian provinces tend to have parliamentary seats apportioned by population, which both means that less populated provinces have to vote as a bloc to be heard, but also that the 12% of the population who live in the six least-populated provinces can’t hold the rest of the country hostage (to the eternal chagrin of the Liberals and the Conservatives, who have the Maritimes and the Prairies as strongholds respectively).


Does that means that she’s the supreme commander of the Imperial Navies? Or she’s just the one who manages the papers?

So the Vam Holts and Vam Rusches are the key Houses which created the Second Atrich by all records.

SO…They both are a bit of a pain in the neck in some areas?


It’s mandated by the most religiously observed custom that all Takarans be “a bit of a pain in the neck” to someone before they’re legally recognized as adults.

Takarans who only manage to achieve that status to humans are regarded as embarrassments to their family, but they still technically count as having observed ancient tradition.


No. It means she’s in charge of administering, equipping, and paying for the fleet. She doesn’t hold a military command.

The Holts were ennobled at the beginning of the Third Altrichs, the Rusches a bit later.


So she’s at a position which does stuffs like a clerk in Grenadier Square confirms the papers of the commissions, the construction of ships, deployments and how many marines to be transferred and assigned to which ship etc. etc. ? Now that’s some heavy liftings when you are in charge of the paper works for a fleet with over 200 ships.


How many political parties are there in Takara? And which are the largest ones? I vaguely recall you saying Maximilian vam Holt has a dispute with the Imperial Intelligence, if that’s the case, does II support a political party that opposes Cassius’ father, or did the vam Holts always oppose the II since their ennoblement?

Edit: Also what is the oldest (distinguished) family in Takara right now?


Should @idonotlikeusernames be worry about her ? She not going to show up unexpectedly and carry a certain elf off bride style. :wink:


Seems like the main difference is that the Representatives are the more powerful chamber of the Canadian Parliament where it is arguable the Senate in the US due to the confirmation process.

Montana and Wyoming are overrepresented in terms of population but they are also some of the largest states by land area. There are other states that are overrepresented just because you can’t give half a Representive a seat. Alaska and Vermont for example are almost as bad in the electors per population ratio as Wyoming.


I don’t think so, since she’s stuck behind her Butean wooden desk doing the paper works that will keep her busy for weeks.


It was a joke and a reference to this

Cause she in the navy


She can probably spare time from being Secretary of the Navy (or the equivalent elsewhere) to run off with Cassius if she wants.

Of course, she might think that he likes humans too much.


She’s technically with the navy, since she’s the one in charge of the papers and files

Are you saying that Cassius might introduce her to us?!! She’ll stay clear off of this I’m sure, since she’s in a very important position in the imperial navy.


She likely stay away from him if he known to be sleeping around the MC. Since they consider relationships like that to be taboo and bestiality


No, I’m saying that she might not share his opinion of subelves like the PC.


That’s one way to put it. Our Senate is effectively powerless, and was designed to be that way.

Land area is irrelevant if nobody lives on it.


I believed that she place her esteems as a important member of the Vam Rusches and a member of the Imperial Navy more higher and serious than Cassius does as an ambassador, since Cassius? He really does act like a playboy fooling around in some parts.


“Some” parts?

I have no idea how seriously or otherwise she takes her responsibilities, but Lord Cassius’s irresponsibility and his relatively friendly (for “this is an American as written from a Canadian perspective” definitions of friendly) attitude towards humans are not necessarily linked.


I’m not sure I agree. Geography is going to inherently create communities of interest. Wyoming forinstance being important in the cattle industry.