Guns of Infinity



Dan are MC is part of the power structure even though we are on the lower end of totem pole of top 1% we have power to be responsible and debt but powerless enough to make really change as of this moment. They is no choice of utility for us to even flirt with idea of rebellion. At best we could possible become a Cromwell if the conditions are met. Which they are not and you could Possible maybe become a Marlborough if you had to choice who would you rather be? If you’re wondering why I chose those two they both came from the same social economic class which is incredibly similar to are MC.


Finally finished 200+ posts. Such rebellions. Wow theories. Much tired :3


@Rogar Nope stahp it, he understands, we closed that chapter, noooope not going there again


Why are you doing this? For the love of god don’t let this start again.


Just stop it! Or else we have to call Houston again, and that’s the last thing I wanted to do!


See the thing is guys I response soon as I see something and read later so I’m late to the party a lot of times. Also I was drilling When I did the initial response


You know… I wonder how close Garings invention will be to this…


Anyone want to theorize about our main protagonists possible lucrative clandestine career?


Neither way if he loses or win Karol likely be having a fan club by the end of day ( mostly ladies but i guess a few dudes like Lewes too)

I be happy if my guy can survive any future war , have a hottie as his wifey, start sheep herding, be a famous military officer, raise half a dozen kids, be financially well off and maybe a viscount too.


Same as mine, but I would hope that mine can eventually rise to the rank as commander-in-chief of His Tierran Majesty’s cavalry corps, or even to be regarded as the greatest cavalry officers ever to be born and to be ever seen for the generation, as for family? The same as your thoughts. But then again, it’s all decided by @Cataphrak.


I prefer being a semi famous and loyal commander like Eumenes of Cardia. I come from a big family so I like the idea of continuing that tradition.


Well, mine is different from yours: I’d prefer that of Jeb Stuart or John S. Mosby or even Phil Sheridan.


If you think about it look at real historical parallels thw UK is a position in game that it either has to rise or t’s going to fall and it will fall hard and die. So I don’t think we’re going to be able to afford that luxury. That being said in this. Of what’s going to be flux we can either become incredibly wealthy or powerful both if we’re really lucky and then of course most likely with a bullet in are head at some point.


My MC is gonna be known for storming Takara’s capital while yelling at Cassius’ dad to choke on his own spit.


Give’em hell!! Sir Juan!!


Then you face off with a elf mutant and things go wrong :^

Jeb were be fun to follow in footsteps despite knowing what were happen to him. maybe you could be like Longstreet, he did pretty good on and off the battlefield.



My MC has some plans as well. Although the MC is probably destined to fail some sort of post war disillusionment check. His plans include creating an apple brandy brand based on Reddingfield Farm with sketch of his sister on horseback as its label, hire a struggling artist as artist in residence, marry the prettiest girl in lower middle Aetoria, found a watch company to employ the war orphans that so that officers in the future can coordinate synchronized attacks, and last get involved in the Antari Serf POW Refugee problem.


Are you sure about the sheep venture?? Do you really want to have everybody’s favorite Captain of the Lancers make fun of you by saying “The Salt Coast, where the men are men and the sheep are scared.”


Your MC’s Aetorian? Which is why opening an apple farm?


Don’t hate on sheeps, their cute as lambs and tasty. Plus the wool should fetch a good price with winter coming.

Plus its Kentaur where the sheep are scared. A lonely sheep wandering the road alone soon have company in that duchy.

But part of me love to live the life of Alcibiades and go out with a bang.


Harsh conditions such as the Salt Coasts would be better to herd goats instead of sheeps, besides, goat fleeces can also be used as clothing at a price.