Guns of Infinity



So kinda like ants that all grab hold of one another to form a raft?


Precisely, just with pissed off manic-depressive dwarves on deck.


BTW, previously @Cataphrak was talking about Takaran flagships and I think I finally had the idea of their look and designs. In which they can be like this:

HMS Warrior.

The big difference of course, will be the size will be doubled, the cannons are located on the first deck only, while below are for troops, cavalry, supplies etc. etc. And of course powered by banecasting sails and reinforced with baneruned hull.

Hey! @Cataphrak, what will happens if a chainshot attempts to rip through a banecast sail?


I not sure what more scary, the birds all pile together like that or the short guys riding that mess waving hammers or axes at us.


Smashing every single face and splitting every single skull that they can find on sight.


I like it how in the bad ends file, the end with this quote:“Come now, my brothers: one must never think of martyrdom as a matter of choice.”
—Sir Talbott d’al Cazarosta, his last words
Comes right before the end with this quote: “It is not uncommon for a lack of sense to be mistaken for a surfeit of bravery.”
—King Edwin I of Rendower, upon observing the last moments of Sir Talbott d’al Cazarosta at the Battle of Montjoy


Why are we so certain the Dwarves will be the dominant party here? For all we know it may be the Emus who ride the Dwarves. I imagine they’re crafty enough to take control of a society whose only concerns are gold, mining, and smithing.

I wonder what the survivor(s) who heard those last words must have been thinking afterward…


We better lure them into traps with piles of gold and shoot them with shotguns.


An idea just occurred to me.

What if the Earl of Leoniscourt has Caius transferred to the Order of Saint Talbott, and then dies? As the sole remaining member, would that make Caius the Grandmaster by default?


Gold? Pfft, worth nothing to the short folk. It’s so common deep down in the mines that they make their toilets out of it. Now a pair of well-made, unworn socks, that’s how you could bribe a dwarf to strangle their own mother.

I would suggest His Majesty’s Government begin stockpiling vast reserves of fine Aetorian socks, in the hopes of simply buying our nation’s freedom.


Also you could just summon a dragon. Dwarves can’t beat dragons.


The dragon of Cunaris or the dragon of the emperor of Kian’ze?


House Findlay’s coat of arms is a dragon…

Foreshadowing King Renard III uniting the Infinite Sea and driving back the Dwarven menace?


Exactly, the Red dragon of Cunaris will triumph over the Dwarves and eat all their rings because they could.


Socks piff… Give them whiskey much better than whatever dirt tasting drinks they have. Plenty of Kentauri whiskey in their bellies they were die from it, be knocked out cold or their start a drunken fight with each other.


Forget whiskey. Give them whatever Lewes was drinking before 2K.

But they’re dwarves so they’ll probably just drink it, laugh, and ask for more.


I guess we have Lewes challenge their leader to a drinking match. If we win they leave and if they win then they can keep Lewes for their amusement.

That drink is likely moonshine, tasted enough of the stuff to know it packs a punch and my cat after drinking it couldn’t walk straight.


The war will be decided through three challenges. A drinking contest with Lewes, a wrestling match with Karol of Loch, and a crafting competition with Garing. The nation that triumphs in two of the three challenges will win the war.

You all thought they were minor characters. Little did you know, they will be our salvation.


It better be by modern rules not ancient Greek or we go blind from watching Karol and the dwarf letting it all out.
@idonotlikeusernames might watch through


I thought you were referencing the fact that Greek wrestling could be extremely brutal.

Then I remembered that the Greeks also wrestled naked.

So they’ll be letting it all out in more ways than one.