Guns of Infinity



Who is this eowynn are they the maker of this discussion or something


The Cortes is one title holder=one vote, so there’d be no direct impact if you managed to upgrade your title. However, like I said, the more your prestige increases the more respect your fellow nobles will likely have for you, making influencing their votes an easier task.

The Cortes is a single chamber assembly, where every title holder wields a single vote, be they duke or baron.


Ok so no one has more power then someone else. Are you supposed to go along with your duke


@Cataphrak is, he is the author and creator of this universe which is why I am surprised you kept talking like you did.


Also why are you some sort of leader I was asking questions and talking about hypothetical situations and you jumped on my back


Openly opposing your duke probably won’t make your liege very happy with you, but there’s nothing stopping you from voting however you choose, and it’s far from uncommon for individuals to vote against whatever measure their liege may be backing.

She’s a moderator, here to make sure the discussion stays civil and doesn’t descend into pointless bickering. You kept arguing your case even when the author explicitly said your plan wouldn’t work, and the thread careened into chaos, so she stepped in to make sure everyone stays calm and on topic.


It is over now guys … so let’s celebrate the existence of this wonderful story we all love.

@Verand is right that I often step in to help keep things civil but I’m not an official moderator, once they step in you are looking at suspensions and such. I try to keep things from getting to that point because it often results in a huge mess - threads being closed and such …

Welcome to the community Daniel, I’m glad you decided to participate here.

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You could say she is a provost XD


You aren’t supposed to, no. But it might be a good idea just to vote along with him in order to gain his favor. If you oppose him, it could sour your relationship somewhat.


It probably depends on the issue and the duke.

You do have the right to your own opinions, after all.


Yes, but most people are more receptive to those who share their opinions.

I’m not saying the MC’s liege lord will set out to destroy him if he opposes them, or anything like that. However, an MC who constantly backs his liege lord will probably have an easier time asking his liege lord for a favor, whereas an MC who has been a consistent thorn in their side might not find much success.


Oh, sure. Just observing that there are probably issues that your liege will be particularly invested in, and issues that aren’t really a big deal to him

Best to keep an eye on which ones are which.


@Daniel_Koselka and anyone else whom it may concern.

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Also, don’t worry about being embarassed. When I joined the thread I pushed out one or two theories that were shot down once facts were provided. Just try not to get too attached, and try not to labor the point.


There are better hills to die on.


Now let us speak of more sensible, grounded theories. Like the impending invasion of emu riding dwarves from beyond the Curtain of Storms.


But how will we counter this invasion? How will they get to the UK? Do the emu swim or do they have some sort of bane enchantment to walk on water?


Who are you talking about? Dwarves?


Water walking emu of course.


If you think of an invasion by Dwarves, then the last thing you’ll be expecting will be ironclads powered by banecastings and each ship will be full of heavy armoured troops and armoured buffalos.


The dwarves have ships made entirely of vicious emus standing on top of each other to form a ship, powered by baneruned steam engines. Somehow.

All craftsdwarfship is of the highest quality.