Guns of Infinity



Not really a voice but making them think they have a voice, by making them closer to the Cortes somewhat, a representative from each dukedom, they could only pass certain ideas and it would be up to the Cortes to approve, I mean the King has to give at least the impression that he listens to the commoners


Oh no chance of becoming so successful in the Cortes you manage to get appointed to an earlier or whatnot


Oh, well, that’s not quite as ridiculous.

But still.

Baneless with ideas and opinions. That sounds dangerous.


A democracy if your MC led the campaign he could be very popular with the masses and if the Cortes or king vetos it you no what is back on the table


A minority rule over majority won’t lasted forever. Look at a few Countries in Africa where it was try.
Sharing a little power won’t be so bad overall


Becoming influential in the Cortes is pretty much it’s own reward, but it will be possible to be awarded a viscounty as a victory title at some point in the series, though it won’t come with any additional lands of it’s own.


No no, they clearly won’t chop off a noble who sympathized with them’s head off. I’m sure that you can find zero evidence of this ever happening.


Oh thanks how do you know


From one of Cataphrak’s older posts


What would be the benefit then??


Status. Influence.


Not all benefits to rank can be measured in towers and crowns.


That may be the most important word there.


Prestige mainly, and the benefits that come with increasing it. A poor Viscount is still better off than a poor baron (unless @idonotlikeusernames is around to argue otherwise).

True, and if a civil war does wind up breaking out, there will probably be lots of land lying around for a noble who manages to distinguish themselves fighting for the winning side.


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Boi have you missed a lot


I understand the prestige part, but would it have heavier impact in the Cortes??


Oh cool that is interesting


Are there different levels of the Cortes like a lower chamber with less important nobles

Does anyone know


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