Guns of Infinity



@Eiwynn, Houston we have a problem…


Somebody please stop this. It passed funny, then silly, then insane, then went even further and even further.

Please help



Was not saying it should be a n lords merely that a rebellion could happen


Plz don’t. I’m going to be blamed for it.


What choice do I have?!! None of us could really stop him!!


You have a better chance of being adopted by a Kentauri clan than winning the thrones. Even if you rally some idiots and somehow bypasss the navy to land in Tierra. Your men were hand you over to the King once they see your idea is truly mad.


I lord Luis D’al Solis baron of Reddington asks respectfully to the Cortes (the forum) to PLEASE move on to the next topic


Just… don’t reply to them. I think it’s pretty clear that there is absolutely nothing that can be done to show them that this is absolutely impossible.

Let this be over with. Please. For all that is holy.


Well, since we do apparently have politics on the collective brains.

Is Lord Reddington going to pursue radical changes to the nature of Tierra, or more measured, cautious steps?

Or something else?

Really, this is to anyone who plans to spend part 1 in the Cortes.


Alright alright let’s move on


Oh dear me no, first pay the house debt because of the looming threat of going homeless, then after that is settled bang my head at the Cortes


My MC the Baron of Richmond is going back home to start rebuilding the family’s honour first.


Thank you kindly good sir


Honestly Im sad you cant build up your house and head to the courts. Im sure you could send letters or something to order what needs to be built. But its fair enough.

Don’t think there is anything in the courtes that I’d want to pass myself. Maybe military reform.


How about a regular army from baneless?


You can probably send letters, but you won’t have as much influence or involvement if you’re playing politics, is my understanding.


Any chance of being able to do so well in the Cortes that you become a earl or something


The door is open if we get involved with Welles or Katarina


What does everyone think of trying to get voice for the baneless. Give them a bone to voice their thoughts on all the taxes at the Cortes or a mini cortes of their own.

Or creating a veteran affiars to help our soon to be jobless ex soldiers and damaged veterans?


Unless you successfully win over the heart of either Welles or Katrina asked for their hand in marriage.