Guns of Infinity



No one in their right mind were join a doom attempt at the throne. Even my cat weren’t join you if you offer him free fish.


Foolish and half baked things like these have worked in history and could well work in this world


Your idea is quite frankly suicide. And will amount to just that.


[Poland is not yet Lost plays loudly in the background]


The god of this universe is telling you it’s impossible.


The world isn’t what you really think that it is, dude: The immaterial has already become the immaterial.


No they haven’t. Napoleon’s rise to power was the result of quite a few years building popular support in every facet of the French government, military, and people. Your plan won’t do any of that.

@Cataphrak, Poland is an idea thus it can never be truly lost.


Yeah they would be risking everything but with huge rewards people do that


People risk yes. But people minimize risk the best they can.

They dont risk literally everything for a plot that is 100% capable of failing.


He had the Italian corps, the two big political figures backing him up…


Having his brother as head of the Committee of Five Hundred probably helped too (I’m assuming the two major figures you’re referring to are Tallyrand and Fouche).


The problem with the “huge rewards” thing is that it rests on them believing you’d be in a position to give them those rewards.

Right now your plan seems to be based on “If everything goes right for me, the loyalists and King’s guards are completely incapable of basic measures against this, and I get really lucky.”

The kind of people whose support would make a difference here aren’t going to pledge their lives to that.


I was, but I missed to mention about his brother who is the president of the council since I had my anger issues coming back.


1get name out there be war hero write memoirs
2 associate with nobles make it so they see problems with king
3 use money and likeability to get nobles andnpeasents on your side gey money by secretly helping highwaymen
There is your base and from there you build up


Please just stop it this topic ended long ago, there is no coup in sight for lords, my gosh we don’t even have money to pay fully our house debt, you already gave your point @Daniel_Koselka, everyone else gave their opinion but please just end it or ask @Cataphrak to let you write a fanfiction


@Eiwynn, Houston we have a problem…


Somebody please stop this. It passed funny, then silly, then insane, then went even further and even further.

Please help



Was not saying it should be a n lords merely that a rebellion could happen


Plz don’t. I’m going to be blamed for it.


What choice do I have?!! None of us could really stop him!!