Guns of Infinity



Antar not Antarctica also tierra has no jurisdiction in mersadon


You will return to Tierria with a small merc army you can hire… vs the entire UK. Do you plan on also hiring a literal navy to fight Tierrias navy? How do you plan on taking the capital with your forces? There is no way in hell you’d have enough coin to hire enough men for a long enough campaign to take the capital.

By the time you even manage to get inside the capital every duke and their armies would be there to murder you.


By God…what’s the meaning of this? Plotting for power? @Cataphrak, I fear that it’s getting out of control now.


That was my impression. I know less about what counts as legitimacy outside Europe, but in my understanding of the Mandate of Heaven - you have to at least be able to present yourself as both capable and - I’m not sure what the best wording is, but at least the outward appearance of something other than “because I have an army and you’re just bureaucrats.”

It might not have had to be very much for a sufficiently welcome new dynasty, but the forms being observed is a thing.


I’m sorry are we not allowed to voice are ideas anymore and also claiming a mandate of heaven could be done by anyone


This is, of course, forgetting the fact that mercenaries are both exceptionally rare, and tend to be exceptionally poor quality in this setting, since the cultural climate needed for robust mercenary outfits (namely: perpetual war between wealthy states) does not exist.

Specifically, “my army has swords, and I’m doing a better job of ruling the territory I already have than the last guy is”, which naturally requires a large army and an existing powerbase.

I’m not required to entertain your ideas as if they were in any way plausible given the information on this setting which I’ve made publicly available, no.

If I go on a gun owner’s forum and call the AR-15 a machine gun, I’m not entitled to be treated as I know what I’m talking about either.


Oh you weren’t be returning your likely be spending your last days being torture and might be missing bits yourself ( especially the important ones) when they finally execute you


Alright not mercs then hire some foreign lords to bring there decent armies to fight for you


I’ll have to note that you probably wont be able to set foot on Tierria… You’ll be priority target #1 for RTI. They will know where you sleep, where you go, at what second of the day you take a breath. Where every single hair on your head falls.

You will be completely incapable of taking a ship to the UK without them knowing and sending a navy to kill you at best.


Tend to be exceptionally poor quality not always


“sigh”, for once again you are just merely a lowly born Baron who has no influence in Tierra, and with no influence in your country, how would you ever expect foreign lords to rally you call?!


Money gets a lot of people to rally to your side


@Cataphrak, what happens if I can magic up an elven expeditionary force to help place me on the throne. I’m sure they’d love to have a weak puppet that requires them to survive. They are Japan, like Manchuko and their other amazing puppet states.


You are allowed to voice your ideas just like we are allowed to call them foolish and half baked.


They care more than just about money, silly! They care about what sort of political advantages as much as money does!!


I mean, you weren’t using that independent trade and foreign policy anyway, were you?


Okay, this is getting ridiculous.


Listen up, bud.



Nah, free trade and independent foreign policy don’t mean anything as long as I get a shiny piece of metal on my head.


No foreign lord is suicidal enough to work for a tiny bit of profit in return to fight the entirety of the UK. Im not sure if their lords would even allow that?

I dont think there is enough money in the world that would magic you an army to fight the entirety of the UK. Because lets face it you will have to defeat the king and every single Duke to become King.

You do not have the money. You will not have the forces. You will have to deal with being spied on by the RTI, assuming they dont kill you for whatever reason? You will have to deal with Tierrian Navy, Im not sure you can get a fleet good enough to defeat it.

Seriously this is getting comedically bad. I’m not sure if you are trolling or something because its extremely clear that this cant happen.


@Daniel_Koselka, you best stop this topic or else we’ll get shut down again.