Guns of Infinity



Wait, are you denying the Glorious Royal House of Ravaillac, who magically became the rightful kings of France after their first sovereign stabbed Henri IV to death?


You can take evidence it’s been done thousands of times in history and with some good forgets could be done again


I’m just saying that the odds of you letting someone emulate them aren’t very high. :grinning: :stuck_out_tongue:


So you are in fact, saying that if you commit regicide you are more likely to say… be arrested, tortured, and be pulled apart by horses than become king? Almost as if political legitimacy isn’t something you can magic up at the point of a blade?

Wow, fancy that.


Why would anyone believe that Miguel, the man who went to war for 12 years against the greatest empire in the North in order to preserve Tierran independence, would just sell out the kingdom to the Takarans for no reason?

A. How are you gonna take the capital?
B. Why would anyone recognize a completely illegitimate usurper?


Hi ho ho he did not have support or any troops not even one or a plan. He just killed the king


You wouldn’t live long enough to accomplish that. Because its you in a palace vs the Grenadiers. How exactly do you plan on dealing with them should you kill the king?

And if you go with the running away plan. Okay you ran away.

You have no house. Your family is imprisoned and hates you. Your family has lost all of what little reputation it had. Your family name is now in the dirt and known as traitors.

You have some mercs. Congratulations. What do you plan on doing with them? Do you plan on out bribing them over the UK who would no doubt try to pay them to bring you to them? Lets just say you don’t have the coin.

Also you are ignoring the RTI who would kill you should everything else fail.

So… just like the MC in your plan???


And your plan is different how?


Neither do you the fuck are you on about?


In this scenario I would not kill the king so it is not regicide I would capture him and ransom him


It’s weird, I know.

Correct me if I’m missing something outside of Europe, but aren’t even all the cases where someone did take power blatantly because “My sword is sharp.” ones where they had some way of presenting that as totally not the same thing as this?

Even in Byzantium at its most degenerate you had to have the army willing to support you long enough to lift you on a shield, looking within Europe.

There has to be some example in which someone seized power without a scrap of legitimacy and got away with it, but I can’t think of any.


So an attempt to commit regicide as an opening can put you on the throne so long as you have a small army of dubious loyalty and dubious quality, bound together by little more than promises.

I’m sure Robert Catesby would be most gratified to hear that.


Ransom king not kill him bud


This is not the gunpowder plot


This is the literal reply to ransoming him. Because you wouldnt have money to get mercs otherwise.


Don’t forget getting your parents exiled forever and your entire family told their last name is forbidden to ever use again.


You still really had no idea, is that what you came up with is just going to be 100% sure to make you the most wanted fugitive of all the infinite sea, and if you did taken over power, the others would never recognise you as the rightful king, as well as to be the worst as to disgrace your house…


Only until I return with a mercenary army and take the throne


Even in those cases, there’s generally some level of legitimacy involved, either invoking something like the Mandate of Heaven, or at the very least some manufactured evidence that the contender is in fact, the rightful sovereign.

And this is not a power fantasy, which is something you seem to have a problem realising.


In tierra I would be wanted in Antarctica I would be a hero