Guns of Infinity



I wouldn’t say we even have anything remotely close to the kings favour.

That and… so you capture the king. What next? You can threaten them with killing the king. But everybody and their dog knows that once you kill the king you have basically sealed your fate, and the fate of your entire house and family. You sure sound like an absolutely horrible member of the MCs family seeing how you are willing to doom their lives for what? A bit of profit? A bit of profit you wouldn’t even be able to use?

Where would you even go if you succeed? Why would anyone want to take you? The second you get away Tierria will want your head. You will end up killed by the RTI sooner than later. If anything you’d get a bounty on your head, a head that would be delivered to the king or his replacement quite soon.

Seriously once you take the king hostage you have put yourself in a bad situation because yeah you can threaten his life. But… if he dies you will suffer a fate much worse than death alongside your family.


They don’t need to suspect you in particular, they simply need to be guarding the king from anyone doing this. And any scenario where there’s only a couple of guards for the king is not one where you can bring much in the way of armed men yourself.


Say the king has two men you and two men with two pistols apiece suddenly jump up and start shooting I doubt they would be ready for that


That’s not really a very sneaky plan.


So you kill the king.

Congratulations you are dead. Congratulations. You have also doomed your entire family.

All for literally… nothing?


Why be sneaky when you can be fast and take care of your enemies quickly


That move is just going to be your one way ticket.


Because presumably your goal is to avoid drawing their attention, not to ensure that their next action is to shoot you in the head.


Nothing? You are king even though there will likely be war you can still survive and hold onto the throne


Why do you think killing the king makes you the king? That’s not how this works.

Not even close. Do you even understand how this works?


How could they shoot me when my men have already shot them. They would be reaching for there weapons while I am already up and firing



You rise, pistol in hand.


They shoot you.


You rise, pistol in hand.


You shoot them.
They shoot back.

it’s remarkably difficult to immediately incapacitate someone with a single personal weapon that you could reasonably conceal.


Your plan involves killing the king and his guards.

Which leaves you in the Palace with 2 men. Vs the entire Unified Kingdom.

How… exactly do you plan to survive a war of 3 guys vs the entire UK? Im confused.


Yes, capturing or killing the king does not make you king but in my first main plan for rebellion it puts you in a superior situation that you can use. You could say that the king was conspiring with the takarns and use that as a basis for attacking him while dukes are distracted you get all those anti takarns to rally to your side. Or you could just declare yourself king after taking the capital and use diplomacy and bribes and attacks and ambushes so you become king


Long while since i played that. I was thinking a war hero MC slowly wins over minor lords like himself and form a true political party/ voting bloc.

And when or if a civil war breaks out we can combine our meagre forces together, hopefully its sizeable and at the big battle decide to stay loyal to King miguel or turn our cloak like Lord Stanley.

Been watching plays and British movies or shows since I nursing wounds from a fight last week.


Flee to mersadon with king ransom him and use money to buy mercenaries


Look up all the assinations in history it has worked before it can and will work again


There are not many I can think of where the assassin has lived to benefit from it that have also been this “First, we assume that the security is incapable of doing their jobs.”


And why should people believe a single poor baron over the king? You will need actual solid proof, and you just doing this in such a manner just makes it more clear that you have none.

Also you can’t just declare yourself king. That’s not how it works. There is not a single Duke who you could bribe. Loyalty means a lot and if their loyalty can be bought? Yeah they wont ever be trusted by anyone. Why should the next king trust them? Why should anyone? Plus you don’t have the coin to bribe them.

Also take note that none of the kings men would obey your orders. So its you +2 men vs every single armed soldier in the capital + everyone else. You have no men who would side with you. In fact after the shooting people would hear it, rush you and disarm or kill you. Its a failed plan.


We would capture him and use him as our ticket outta there then get onboard a ship which would be guarded by my men say 50 and then sail to mersadon to ransom the king