Guns of Infinity



And in the GoI thread, U_U has no knowledge of what a joke is.

What a shocking revelation!


Not sure why this passive aggression is warranted, or how anyone was supposed to determine that was a joke.


Not likely to substantially change in the context of a coup.

I mean, the PC might be tactically significant, and may even be tactically significant in a strategic moment - but he’s never going to be the one in a million irreplaceable individual who rocks the foundations of the world.

Personally I rather like how Cataphrak has so far meant that hasn’t stopped us from being interesting and valuable in the context of “there are other dashing cavalrymen”. It makes the times we do significantly stand out - like getting a bar to our Gryphon - more memorable.


If we’re assuming that the coup happens at the end of Lords, that means we will have had a few years of build up some more personal power and connections. So who knows how useful we will or won’t be?

As for personal stats, I can see us using our charisma to win over allies, our intellect to come up with an efficient way to quickly sweep over the palace, and our soldiering will allow us to be there personally fighting in the thick of it.

We certainly aren’t going to be solely responsible, but our tiny bit of extra support might just be what one side needs in order to defeat the other. The straw that breaks the camel’s back, so to speak.



I don’t think we’re going to be insignificant in the context of the game, in the sense that - well, someone else could have lead the Forlorn Hope but maybe we did - but I can’t see anything like Lord Stanley’s role at Bosworth ahead, at least not until the climax of the series.


So what do you guys think? Will we end up commanding an infantry brigade or return to the post as a Lt.-colonel, or other post?


At the current stage we really have no way of knowing.


Can’t disagree with you on this anymore.


We don’t even have a regimental command yet. It’s hard to tell when we will actually ‘unlock’ that, or what will come afterward.


The only regimental command we had on the field was at 2K commanding the Royal Dragoons only. But that was way too short for a normal command, even for a brevet rank…
Somehow I might imagine that we might end up commanding a depleted 5th with Hartigan and holding the flank of the entire army.


A rebellion could work


By a lot more risk do you mean guaranteed failure? Because among the people who would absolutely never support you are Cunaris and Katarina at the very least. Plus the people who actually have a legitimate claim to the throne…

Who you know, supporting is a lot less risky and has a lot greater rewards than helping the MC. Plus they would be supporting legitimate authority which actually means a lot more than you think.

As Lotus said… what they’d gain is a country in the middle of a civil war with all the Dukes being way more than happy to try and take power for themselves. Why do you think people would support a poor Baron with barely any troops over a Duke? Or a group of Dukes who are trying to put legitimate authority back on the throne?

So even if you do win, you’d end up losing everything very quickly.

Supporting the MC in a revolt is not risk for great reward. It’s literal suicide.

EDIT: Actually I got a question… why would people follow the MC? He has no legitimate claim to the throne. He is a hero, sure. But uhh… he is one among many and there are many who are more famous and powerful than he is.

So.,… what exactly makes him special in your eyes? I don’t understand.


For once again, @Daniel_Koselka, a rebellion will very unlikely to happen unless you come from a prestigious and powerful background as a Duke or one of the members of the privy council. A Baron with a house that is gravely in debt who starts a rebellion will 90% certainly backfire.


Honestly I’m not sure even a Duke trying out a rebellion would be all that successful… A baron even less so.


It seems like the best way (of the options so far, so not counting people we haven’t actually met) to get power and money involves hoping that being Katarina’s Bond Boy is the same thing as someone she might actually help.

No one said all intimate relationship = influence situations were ones you could be open about.


You could also kidnap the king and some other nobles demand a ransom which you would then use to hire mercenaries or buy troop. You would have to flee the country but it only requires 100 or so men


How… exactly do you expect to kidnap the king? Because the MC has nowhere near enough forces to fight the guards. I mean cmon our house guard is probably like 2 old guys with muskets that don’t work.


Yeah, But wish you good luck getting through the Grenadiers.


Also for the first rebellion none of the loyal dukes would risk fighting you when you have the king and any other nobles you captured prisoners it would allow some dukes to try and attack you but dukes like cunaris knowing you would kill the king then flee would try and stop them


You have an awful lot of confidence in the King’s security being extremely lax.

And no, if you capture the king, people will try to fight you to get him back. A dead king just makes you a regicide as well as a rebel, which is is not really good for you.