Guns of Infinity



People in history seem to think so


And people in history have frequently been wrong. Just because others have lusted for power doesn’t mean overthrowing a competent monarch and driving the country into pointless civil war is a good idea.


I think that a man who controls 1/6th of the country and is in deep with RTI either has his own master plan, or is complicit in somebody else’s. In a setting where you have all of these highly influential people in positions of power, and the King’s hold over them is growing increasingly strained, it is safe to assume that most of them are going to have their own hidden agendas and ambitions.

They legitimized him as a Harris, not as a Rendower. What if he would rather be a Rendower? He openly admits his parentage to a Disgraced MC, of all people. He’s not even trying to keep it a secret. Also, how many “normal twenty year olds” do you know who happen to be the bastard of a King and control an entire Duchy?

Also, we don’t know the true nature his relationship with Miguel - did they grow up alongside each other? How often did they meet? And he doesn’t necessarily have to betray Miguel directly. What if Miguel dies, causing the throne to pass to Isobel, but Emile thinks Miguel would have preferred him as heir?

Besides, Emile is clearly ambitious enough to want Leoniscourt, and cunning enough for RTI to place some value on his opinion. He clearly isn’t satisfied with what he has already, and we don’t know where his ambitions begin or end.

So do the Harrises. But unlike the Candlesses, the Harrises didn’t need to dip into their own coffers to keep their people fed and warm.

What if they believe that either Miguel (or Isobel) will lead Tierra to its destruction, and decide that their loyalty to Tierra as a nation comes before their loyalty to any single Tierran monarch? The solution is too replace him with a more agreeable monarch who may or may not be cunning in his own right.

Or what if they want more control over the government, and decide that the best way to do that is to put two of their agents (Emile and Katarina) on the throne?

Also, given that they are only held accountable by the King himself, they can easily withhold information from him and if there’s no one else checking the records he won’t find out.

If the coup succeeds, Emile becomes the new head of House Rendower. And I’m assuming he will have Cazarosta backing. Funding won’t be an issue.


Now you really are driving us nuts on the topic of rebellion, no one wants to have a rebellion, especially when a country is at the blink of destruction.

But things might be different if a war hero MC is backing up Princess Isobel.


We’re a mosquito compared to the Gryphon that is House Rendower and the Lion that is House Cazarosta.

…and now I have an idea for how I’ll imagine my MC’s personal sigil. Fantastic. House Moskito.


And yet, the influence from a war hero can somehow determine the fate of all Tierra, when he supports the crown. A war hero who is also one of the few who had been through the war for many years, might be able to rally more men to the cause. And that is something that should not be neglected as well.

Now that’s cool!


Maybe our role in the coup will be what elevates the MC to new heights? Whether we aid it or put a stop to it, we can be rewarded… provided our chosen side actually succeeds, of course.

I shall make a lot of noise, annoy the hell out of everyone, and suck them for all I can get away with… until they inevitably get fed up and swat me.


And they shall call you: The irritating House Moskito who hailed from blah blah blah…


-Or until your venal corruption ends up being what gives the body politic malarial fevers and making them easy prey for some other illness.

It might happen.


I feel like the mosquito analogy perfectly sums up the MC’s role in the story.


Just wait until the civil war starts, gather up other minor lords and form a size army under your command. March said army to where both sides are preparing to fight a major battle. Position your force in a spot where you overlook both sides and do what Lord Stanley did at Bosworth field


“Why should we listen to your command? There are other war heroes of other more important houses.” said the neutrals.

Maybe it’s a little contrarian of me, but I hope the PC doesn’t get a huge following anytime soon. I like the climbing process.



This is exactly what the MC does in Lords Of Aswick wth :dizzy_face:


This is basically the main issue. While the MC’s achievements can be impressive, ultimately our role so far has been little more than a footnote.

In Lords of Aswick you were backing the true heir to the throne, not yourself, and you had more than just your own personal allies accompanying you.


The only biggest possibility is that the MC might get to be given command of an infantry brigade or just simply return to his post as Lt.-colonel of The Royal Dragoons if he sided with the Royal Family.


And in the GoI thread, U_U has no knowledge of what a joke is.

What a shocking revelation!


Not sure why this passive aggression is warranted, or how anyone was supposed to determine that was a joke.


Not likely to substantially change in the context of a coup.

I mean, the PC might be tactically significant, and may even be tactically significant in a strategic moment - but he’s never going to be the one in a million irreplaceable individual who rocks the foundations of the world.

Personally I rather like how Cataphrak has so far meant that hasn’t stopped us from being interesting and valuable in the context of “there are other dashing cavalrymen”. It makes the times we do significantly stand out - like getting a bar to our Gryphon - more memorable.


If we’re assuming that the coup happens at the end of Lords, that means we will have had a few years of build up some more personal power and connections. So who knows how useful we will or won’t be?

As for personal stats, I can see us using our charisma to win over allies, our intellect to come up with an efficient way to quickly sweep over the palace, and our soldiering will allow us to be there personally fighting in the thick of it.

We certainly aren’t going to be solely responsible, but our tiny bit of extra support might just be what one side needs in order to defeat the other. The straw that breaks the camel’s back, so to speak.



I don’t think we’re going to be insignificant in the context of the game, in the sense that - well, someone else could have lead the Forlorn Hope but maybe we did - but I can’t see anything like Lord Stanley’s role at Bosworth ahead, at least not until the climax of the series.