Guns of Infinity



Also if Welles dies at 2K, he gets her lands without needing to marry her at all.


Wulfram is the richest and most powerful Duchy, Warburton tends to be isolationist in general. Also, let’s be honest, Katarina treated him like a cute puppy. I wouldn’t be surprised if the upper nobility treat him like he’s another one of Edmund’s bastards with a fancier title. We don’t know how Warburton treats him and honestly, he can write his opinion down because he’s one of four Tierran dukes. It’s like how Cunaris, while only a Colonel, as the man with the senior title could have claimed overall command of Blogia. By virtue of his position he has the ability to speak his mind and people are forced to listen.

Don’t forget Wulfram cracked open the family vault to pay for fuel in Crittenden. He is a very very wealthy man.

There have been tons of royal bastards and let’s be honest. None of them really amount to much. Just look at all of James’ kids. They just did nothing.


Inherited the same altitudes of Kian’ze…


Wulfram may have been the wealthiest when the game began, but the food shortages hit Wulfram the hardest. Warburton, meanwhile, was the only nation producing a surplus of food, so not only did they avoid paying absurd grain prices but they also would have made a healthy profit off of the excess grain they were already producing. That isn’t even touching on their silver mines.

They’re so rich that the Duke doesn’t even care if crowns are being “misplaced” by the magistrates, because he’s making so much money already.

In one conversation during the single occasion we have actually met him in person. We don’t know if he has changed, or if he was just putting on an act to appear harmless. Even if he is some naive “cute puppy”, that just makes it easier for RTI or Katarina to manipulate him once they have him on the throne.

No. Again, he’s a Duke. They might talk about him like that behind his back, but to his face? No. They simply won’t get away with it. In addition is his own personal wealth and influence as Duke of Warburton combined with his RTI connections, he is also backed by the King himself.

Now considerably less wealthy after doing that.

He’s a Duke with connections to a highly influential and shadowy organization. We also have no idea what he’s been working on behind the scenes, but it’s clear he’s amounted to a great deal already - I don’t see why he’s going to stop when he’s already built up all this momentum.


Where on Earth did he imply that?


He said it right here:


You seem to think that everyone is some mastermind with a master plan. Maybe he’s just a normal twenty year old who is honestly surprised that Miguel and his “dad” had him legitimized. Which places him in Miguel’s debt. Miguel didn’t need to do it, he had numerous grounds to refuse namely the fact that he’s a bastard of his bastard of a dad.

Also, Wulfram is fine because they are the steel exporter for all of Tierra. In case you’re unaware, steel is used for bullets and industry used for the continuation of war. Just look at Hunter, he made a metric shitton of money because industry expanded. The Candlesses have a lot of money, and Ewen is an actual Candless, not a not!Rendower. Warburton is young, fresh to his title, and has not demonstrated any significant capability beyond being a secretary to Barithorne. Beyond that, he might have been used by the Queen Dowager to help broker a coalition.

Why would RTI, which is only answerable to the King of Tierra and only he knows every agent and department head plan a coup against him? The House of Rendower and Leoniscourt are their primary sponsors and maybe even the House of Harris now. But, only the king knows what is going on with the money he is given.


That’s not what I asked.

I asked where does Bryce claim that nobility dismiss Emille to his face.

Cause the thing you quoted doesn’t imply that.


It’s like how people called Ramsay, Ramsay Snow behind his back and Ramsay Bolton to his face. It’s a very human condition.


How they “treat him” will include face to face interaction.

Anyways, I’ll respond to the rest later. Gotta go.


No, you can be very respectful to people to their face and the moment they leave lean over to a friend and say.

“Man, his breath smelled terrible.”


Exactly what my friends would sometimes do when they disagree with the tutors. Like some of my friends after the lecture they would state that the tutor is “a F****** B****” Pls, don’t mind about those words, just trying tell you what had happened.


But to their face they acted with something resembling respect. It’s classic human duplicity.


Exactly what I saw all the time, somehow this really made me think that humans can have at least two faces.


Its common human trait , I always had to slip on a face with folks i pretend to be friends with. Its kind of hard see through those faces if the person a good actor.


This!!!, thank you, hopefully this will close the issue


People have way more to gain by supporting you a lot more risk but a lot more rewards


Their rewards don’t amount to much if Tierra is in tatters and the lands they get are burned wastelands. A coup or civil war would keep Tierra in a perpetual state of war at best. At worst we lose our independence to Kian, Takara, or Antar (again).

Even if everything went right you’d be king of dirt and ash. Is that really better to you than political power in the Cortes in a stable, growing power?


He in this case only wanted to be the absolute monarch here, but as @Bryce_Kaldwin had said many times: This isn’t our universe.


No they don’t, especially when you are finally defeated their heads will decorate the capital along with yours