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In the long view, all countries were colonised: England was colonised by the Celts, Romans, Anglo-Saxons, and the Normans. Germany was colonised by the Franks, Russia colonised by the Norse, Japan colonised by the Yamato and so on. In many cases, the national identities of the conquered were completely destroyed, or assimilated into the marginalised shadow of the conquerors, or in some cases, lead to discrimination even today (in the cases, of say, the Ainu). That’s certainly not a moral endorsement, but it is a reminder that Japan and Hungary and Poland are technically of the same stripe as more modern “settler-colonialist” states like Israel, the United States, and Canada.

Long story short, there is colonialism every time a new group takes over where someone else was there before and the new rulers try to bring the old inhabitants to heel, and how that is judged is determined usually by nothing less arbitrary than the subjective viewpoints of those viewing it, and whether the conquered people have the “fortune” of being able to survive to a point where their conquerors are able to gain a post-colonial conscience - or when the conquered are able to throw off their oppressors, and write their own narrative.

The seed colonies were settler colonies rather than economic ones or political space-filling. In the Tierran case, the colonies established were mostly trading outposts with little output of their own, which grew into city-states through the fact that ship crews stopped by on their way to somewhere else, liked what they saw, and settled down.


Quite similar to the cases of ancient Greece. But are there any of these city-states which had dealings or even swore allegiance to Tierra in the infinite sea?


I’m reading a really interesting book right now called Making Europe and it’s all about pretty much colonialism in conquest and assimilation of the high Middle Ages. Because people know I don’t look at that. As colonialism but if you look at least in Western and Central Europe in the spread of Latin Europe you see it very clearly.

I mean I can’t even argue the subject gation and conquest of the indigenous tribes the form of colonization chess with each other and conquests and the destabilization of different. Decide already the more advanced a civilization is the more brutal it is in it’s subjugation and cultural destruction. I mean it’s kind of ironic that the heir of UK is called the Prince of Wales.


The difference, I think, lies in the fact that most peoples colonised in the medieval period have either had their cultures adopted into the colonisers’ (which is why we don’t speak Norman French and why Polish isn’t just German), or have simply been wiped out so thoroughly that there is nobody there to object.

There’s a reason why the Beothuk don’t have any treaty disputes with the Canadian government, and it’s because we literally destroyed them as a people.


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It was interesting with the indigenous tribes in the Americas had close contact with the anglos and the French was involving into a very interesting Fusion of the two. And this is before the more intense phases of removals.


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You should read up on the migration period. Plenty of colonisation during that period and the tribes of that era laid down the foundation of future Europe as they came west.


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