Guns of Infinity



Well by the time she die it was too late to save it. She interesting especially with her origin but I hate to serve under her. I think she could had done more but the empire was screw up already by drugs and the white man.


Precisely all that she wanted was power for her own, and the country was screwed up already long before she came to power. And the worst of all, she see the second last of the emperor’s reforms on the country as a threat to her own power.


She did warm up to reforms before her death but too little too late. Personally I find what happen to her after death to be funny. Yeah poor Guangxu Emperor your supposed to be in charge but instead some old lady holding you prisoner in your palace.


How do you explain the first Empress of Han she is Kinda the stuff of nightmares.


He is in my mind, the best emperor of all the last emperors. He knows that the country is at stake, and he know that he must do something or die trying, but alas, he’s a puppet for the whole time with no actual power…


Let that sink in for the American South all the the famous Mansion/estates/plantations we all know what they’re managing. That was one of the advice Jackson gave to his younger friends to marry a woman that knows how to manage property. In the South multi explicitness of it it’s always a bit disturbing.


So what you wanted to say is that Aetorians had homesteads like the English living near the areas of London and the London countryside, Cunarians and possibly Warburtonians had homesteads like those in the American South and Wulframites are like that of the industrialised American North?


Well Cixi was grave robbed in the end. 1895 she had her tomb rebuild and besides looking awesome it drain a already deplete imperial coffer of needed funds. And make her easy to find by a later warlord’s men.

They looted every thing she had, all the jewellery, rare objects or stones, her imperial robes, undergarments, shoes and heck socks too. Plus they broke open her mouth to steal the rare pearl there.


Jack Sparrow: “Pirate’s Life…”


Kind of an example why you really can’t take everything you own with you to the afterlife or why you shouldn’t be buried in a tomb anyone can find cause it was so costy and big.


I love him and I cannot stop laughing.


New job, new state, new lease on life.

Did you get married yet?

Depends on your definition of “monster”. He certainly doesn’t take a sadistic pleasure in indiscriminately slaughtering fleeing noncombatants and surrendering enemy soldiers, but I doubt his victims notice any difference.


Well, he never seemed to say Caius wasn’t a monster, just that he wasn’t a complete monster.

At least Caius has a reason for his actions that isn’t self-serving. I think that’s the distinction.


Yessir I did and we (surprise!) are having a kid on the way.

Great to hear man.


No one’s calling him a monster, but the majority of the Tierran Baneblood peerage would definitely call a Deathborn bastard a “monster”.


I think abomination has a nicer ring to it.


I agreed, after all, no one would ever wanted to be called a “monster”.


Depends on how it is being use.


In what context would you want to be called a monster?

Not counting Undertale cosplay.


I guess as nickname in war, might have a affect on enemy morale if the Monster of Tierra is facing them.