Guns of Infinity



So just out of curiosity, what game are you guys talking about?


Rogue Trader, a tabletop roleplayer game set in the Warhammer 40 000 setting. More or less “space merchant-adventurer: the game”.


… Now you’ve got me craving an Actual Play Podcast/After Action Report.


It’s not just you, either.


Today’s session involved setting up Bardas as a false-flag, double-crossing a Cold Trader whilst smoothing over things with Fitzcollingwood-Fisher’s Ordo Hereticus contact after what happened last session (long story).

It ended in a three-way battle where the [INDECIPHERABLE] gutted an Eldar Corsair frigate on her opening salvo, before boarding aforementioned Cold Trader’s ship, as Bardas (who’d managed to successfully infiltrate said Cold Trader’s entourage) proceeded to hinder our foes in every way possible, up to and including projectile-vomiting on the bridge crew.

That being said, we’re still in minor-league schemes at this point. Once we start sinking our teeth in (this was our fourth session this week), I’ll probably have more extravagant stories to tell.


Have you ever heard of sharing?


@unoriginal_username the tabletop games for WH 40k are great but I’d recommend you stay away from the video games except dawn of war 2


Dawn of War 1 is a pretty great game too, and Space Marine was a good, if not exactly revolutionary, hack and slasher.

Though its true that beyond those two and a handful of others, most 40k games are pretty rubbish.


I just wish the awesome lore was used for something more than selling expensive pieces of plastic


@Cataphrak, is that the helmet of the Royal Dragoons can be described as: A Tarleton helmet with red plume over white plume draped in the style of an English Hussar’s fur cap with a red dragon on a silver crest?

You know a crest helmets like this minus the fur on it

with plumes like this


Scotland is too divided to care. The millenials care most.

I know Eternal Crusade is coming to console (though whether it’s good or not is still up for debate, I’ve heard both).
Yet i have seen that loads of people seem excited over the reveal of Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2. That might be promising.


I’d recommend against getting the eternal crusade, you have a ton of lag, a horrible combat system, and not to mention that there’s no balance with the premium players dominating(especially with having weapons that can kill you with one hit)


Eh, the game is incredibly mediocre but it is also mostly free and can fulfill that 40k fantasy for a bit. I experience no lag personally, and there are no good OHK weapons. Even if there were, you can get those very easily yourself with minimal time investment.

The real issue is that the game is being “developed” at a snail’s pace and that the current playerbase is only big enough for Loyalist Space Marines vs Chaos Space Marine, except maybe on Saturdays and Sundays.


Eternal Crusade is like Space Marine, but clunkier. It was a pass for me. I loved DoW1 up to Dark Crusade (Soulstorm does not exist), and DoW2 was great until Retribution, but Last Stand is best mode ever.

Don’t have enough praise for Battlefleet Gothic Armada, but Eldar is broken as hell.


Haven’t had the pleasure of trying Battlefleet Gothic yet, but I agree with this statement anyway.


What is with various game developers and being unable to properly balance the Eldar? It happened throughout DoW1, was only slightly fixed in DoW2, and is apparently the case in Battlefleet Gothic.

I’ll admit, I play Soulstorm on occasion in order to experience the boundless comedy it has to offer.

Also, I take the same attitude with DoW 3 that you do with Soulstorm.


The comedy which the Codex Astartes refers to as STEHL REHN?

I honestly don’t remember the Eldar ships being that broken, but I haven’t played in a while.



In spite of the fact that Chaos Rhinos are a thing.

The one good thing I can say about it is that Scott McNeil basically carried the “story” and he deserves a medal.


I met him at a convention once in high school, and I’m… pretty sure that’s just how he acts all the time.


Life goals: Obtain every Space Marine Battles book, every Ciaphas Cain book, and every Horus Heresy book.

I fear that last one will be relatively difficult.

Also, I play Space Marines. Eldar are hard to catch on the best of days with any other race but are nigh impossible to beat as Marines.