Guns of Infinity



After he was recovering from his carriage flipping over. It was just a bad situation, but at least his doctor didn’t murder him like George V’s did. He was seriously sick and it kept getting worse because he took on Victoria’s duties due to her mother dying. So he basically sped up his demise by working himself to death.


God damn you!

Perfect last words for him to say


Come on Finland, beat Norway in cross country skiing. Don’t let those oil hoarding Vikings beat you. They go for it tho.


Vikings? All that I really know is that they are raiders of the North, terrorising the coastal regions of Germany, Normandy and even England.


Never seen The tv Vikings?


No, never seen or even heard of it. All of my time had been spent on Sean Beans’ Sharpe series


Good show and its pretty cool too



The Vikings is the whole Ragnar Lothbrook and Bjorn Ironsides Saga done by History channel/CBC. It is pretty good stuff.


My favorite moment was when they kick those puny monks asses and stolen all their stuff. Set off the viking age with a bang :grinning:


Ooh, Rogue Trader! GMing, or playing?



Lord Captain Frederick Augustus Horatio Fitzcollingwood-Fisher, RAdm Imperial Navy (ret) commanding the Rogue Trader ship [INDECIPHERABLE], at your service.


Playing the eponymous Rogue Trader, I see. Making the Imperium and your family proud.

I haven’t been able to play much, unfortunately. My much-loved Arch-militant and former Governor-Captain Ambrosius Este only saw 4 sessions before the campaign died.


Trying to finagle his way back into active service actually. He was uh… “placed on administrative leave” after he went a little too far in his outspoken advocacy for the widespread adoption of the Impractical class Grand Cruiser, a warship of his own design.


Bit egotistical, I see. Ego fits any Rogue Trader.

That said, Ambrosius is a Miles Gloriosus-esque character whose major military triumphs are complete flukes he managed to spin into tactical genius, so I can’t really talk about ego.


More than a bit. Let’s just say my original character concept was “Jackie Fisher meets General Melchett”, and you can probably infer a bit from there.

In a lot of ways, Fitzcollingwood-Fisher is kind of a hidebound old warhorse (though he’s only in his second century), with a very old-school (some would say quaint) sense of fair-play and aristocratic myopia. He leaves the really wacky stuff to his seneschal/private school chum/walking ball of heresy Bardas, and his Arch-Militant Karst.

For all of the genuine military capabilities we have (our ship came with five regiments of stranded Cadians), our general policy has been “if we have to shoot someone, things have already gone horribly wrong”, so at least you actually have major military triumphs to brag about.


So just out of curiosity, what game are you guys talking about?


Rogue Trader, a tabletop roleplayer game set in the Warhammer 40 000 setting. More or less “space merchant-adventurer: the game”.


… Now you’ve got me craving an Actual Play Podcast/After Action Report.


It’s not just you, either.


Today’s session involved setting up Bardas as a false-flag, double-crossing a Cold Trader whilst smoothing over things with Fitzcollingwood-Fisher’s Ordo Hereticus contact after what happened last session (long story).

It ended in a three-way battle where the [INDECIPHERABLE] gutted an Eldar Corsair frigate on her opening salvo, before boarding aforementioned Cold Trader’s ship, as Bardas (who’d managed to successfully infiltrate said Cold Trader’s entourage) proceeded to hinder our foes in every way possible, up to and including projectile-vomiting on the bridge crew.

That being said, we’re still in minor-league schemes at this point. Once we start sinking our teeth in (this was our fourth session this week), I’ll probably have more extravagant stories to tell.