Guns of Infinity



you dont though you need 85 in all units stats for that


And you’re a lot closer to 85 with the bonuses from the Dragonlocks than without them.

You might not be satisfied with their effects, but I’d note also that comparing them to the investment in Garing’s gun design - well, we don’t know what is actually going to come out of that any time soon. In the short run it’s not very helpful - I’m sure there will be something down the road, but the dragonlocks pay off immediately.


Don’t worry, since Garing’s new design is still under secret procedures. When the prototype proved excellents as well as approved by Grenadier Square, it will be an advantage over the dragonlock. It’s just a matter of time.


you know my argument started to justify buying the dragon locks for guns not for sabre’s the immediacy of the dragon locks is kinda the problem they are tracked but there was only one check for them in guns. and the only way it could come into play in lords is the fact you have one or have experience with them, as 25 or so were lost at bologia (only 12 men have dragon locks in guns), four more where lost if you used them for the check plus however many of them died in your final battle’s. the only things i could come up with was an advantage for dueling (they cant misfire) potential use as dragon-pearls used as an interchangeable part within the GG&T design, and possibly gift for younger brother. p.s. or sister to stave of unworthy suitors. also if you give the rune gun to campos you gain 10 morale 10 discipline and the possibility of gaining 10 loyalty and 5 morale in the mission iteself plus 6 reputation making stat gains in sabers arguable (+2 rep +5 discipline -5 ,morale -5 loyalty and -500 wealth sorry for editing hit reply limit might be back later)


They boost your reputation and your unit stats. That’s a nice bonus that - while less than in Sabres - does help you.

I’m not really sure they need to come into play in Lords to be worth the money.


Buying regular rifled carbines is probably also not going to show up in Lords, but it makes sense.

You’re giving your men new guns, ultimately, so that as many of them as possible are alive by the end of the war (“as many of them as possible” being something like twelve people, but still), and so that you live to the end of the war. It’s an immediate boost in wartime ability that doesn’t translate well to peacetime.


How many puppet governments does Takara had so far?


“Personal gain” is subjective.

While it may seem like unvarnished greed to the rest of us (usually because it is), the people who are doing the committing will rationalise their actions one way or another. Maybe they believe their need is greater than the ones they’re screwing over, or that whatever their stealing is rightfully theirs/unrightfully their target’s in the first place, or that due to some prior action, they “deserve” more than what life has given them.

Personal gain it might end up being, but most thieves still end up thinking they are doing the right thing, which in some respects, makes them no less worse than Cazarosta.

And just a few hours before my sunday Rogue Trader game even.


@Cataphrak, I had this to ask: We know that the standard colour uniforms of Tierra is burnt orange, while Takara’s deep blue or black and silver, while Antar doesn’t have one. So what about Kian’s standard colour for their army uniforms?! Ash grey like Bourbon France?


It depends on the army and the branch, but I haven’t actually worked out Kian’s uniform hierarchy yet.


Thanks! Good to know and sorry for disturbing. BTW, my best guess for the colours of the Armies Of the Imperial Banner is a white coat with golden yellow facings and black gaiters similar to their national colours.


How strong was Edwin?


“Strong enough to break Wulfram.”


I don’t get it? Military power or other aspects?


He’s obviously talking about Edwin being strong enough to break Wulframs arm in arm wrestling


But back at the era of Unification Wulfram had a queen as the sovereign.


Then they had a King whom he smacked around twice but didn’t finish the job on.


How would Tierra deal with a situation where a child that was named after a saint and that child ends up becoming a saint? Would there be 2 saints with the same name?


Very simple: Ask @Cataphrak


You know how Kings get to choose which one of their many middle names to use as their regnal name and usually choose one for continuity’s sake? (I’m looking at you Albert Edward von Saxe Coburg-Gotha!)

It’s like the opposite of that in the rare occasions it does happen and Saints can’t be distinguished by their homeland or site of martyrdom (Saints are rarer than Kings, and tend to have more varied names). So if you had say, if King Miguel were somehow sainted, and there already was a St. Miguel of Tierra, then he’d probably either become St. Alejandro of Tierra (due to one of his middle names) or St. Miguel of Aetoria.