Guns of Infinity



i have a quick question followed by a longer one later once i get the research done. what is the pay of an enlisted man part of the line infantry? non-special units as i assume they make 2-3 times more than the line infantry enlisted due to the royal engineers making twice as much as line infantry almost as much as the dragoons.


I for one love when people try to tell me things that I already know :slight_smile:.

I was continuing a running joke with @Jjcb. Where I harass him for a glitch he has zero control over.


cool new here might post some stupid stuff for info posted elsewhere.


Now to try to answer your questions. 5 crown a month is something that common people would want. So I’d figure a line infantry grunt would get around 2 crowns and a few towers per month.


That’s more or less what a common dragoon gets.
Line infantry get maybe two thirds of that.


Ha, that’s great.

What are the currency specifics again?

Towers to Gryphons?


12 Towers to a Crown, 20 Pence to a Tower.

Pre-decimalised British currency, more or less.


Can you go into any detail about Weathern’s economic philosophy? I know you probably want to keep certain things close to your chest but I am curious to see what he thinks in broad strokes about fiscal policy and the like.


He’s what most people these days would call a “deficit hawk”.
In his understanding, Tierra’s wealth is based on Tierra’s stability, and stability is based on having enough money to throw around in emergencies while being beholden to as few lenders as possible. If the crown spends itself into a hole, the simple fact that other people control the debt renders the realm less stable and the crown beholden to other interests, foreign and domestic. That could lead onto a whole bunch of knock-on effects like the debasement of currency (to stave off bankruptcy) or the enactment of unwise foreign policy (to secure more short-term wealth).

So long story short, Weathern is very scared of debt. Needless to say, he hasn’t gotten much sleep in the past ten years.


cool average line soldier about 1 crown and 3 towers for simplicity in my calculations
while the specialty units payed around 2 crown and 6 towers (base some more others less)
i ask for the reasons of the dragonpearl.


Sound philosophy so long as “crisis” spending extends to a bad economy…


Which also explains why he also doesn’t want to issue any form of bonds right?


“The Economy” as an abstract concept doesn’t exist yet. If anything, he’ll tighten spending to match dropping revenues.

Exactly, especially since it means dropping net revenues in the long term.


Which fits his mentality of not wanting to have short term cash when it can deprive him of long term incomes and also allow foreigners to own the Tierran public debt. So he’s an austerity guy in a sense?


In that sense? Yeah. If nothing else, he sees the actual underlying forces behind tax revenue increases and decreases as mostly unalterable by government intervention, and sees the Exchequer’s job as cutting and saving in line with the rising and ebbing of the economic tide.


I have to wonder at how much the lever of exchequer expenditure actually matters in a country like Tierra. The government is very small in modern terms and very decentralized.


So he’s basically what would have been a laissez-faire economic proponent in our world in the sense that he doesn’t feel that it is the government’s job to step in and interfere with the economy combined with someone who believes in austerity spending.


I think he doesn’t know what an “economy” is. He sees the Exchequer like he does his own house finances. It has no special status and follows no special rules other than those of the Saints and his granny…


It’s not that he doesn’t feel that it’s the government’s job, but that the Tierran state is very limited by modern standards (as @cascat07 points out) and there’s very little it can do to intervene aside from levying taxes to wring out some short-term revenue. Weathern’s response to this is simply to ride out the wave because in his conception of government, a state capable of “reversing the tide” is so pervasive and centralised as to be fantastical.

In modern terms, he’d see modern levels of government intervention in the economy as the equivalent of the “fully automated luxury gay space communism” meme.


So now I’m curious, how does Takara deal with their public debt? Do they pretend it doesn’t exist and keep spending a la the US? Or did they start the last war on a gold currency, blew it up and then switched to a silver?