Guns of Infinity



If you want drama just be the big bro who doesn’t sent home money or share his wealth once he back.

Or hope Renard falls for the sister and they have a accident. Which leads us to have to control yourself or the younger brother from beating up Renard.


If you’re well loved by both your mother and father, I can definitely see some rankling there. Favoritism for the older sibling, and all.

I honestly see the younger brother (if we have one), considering the last he’s seen of us was when he was around 11-12, not having any opinion on us at all and seeing us as some stranger entering the house. I know I don’t remember much from that age, and I’m 23, so it’s a comparable difference in years.

Introducing Caius as your friend, however… Arturo is my most pleasant and open-hearted MC, and even he would settle on “acquaintance” in polite company.


Well it all depends, like if the father can’t sire a male heir , then he will had no choice but to teach them to handle power if they are unable to marry them off to a gentlemen of the blood in their lifetime.

Things might go fishy if your relationship with the parents are good, while with the brother is 50/50. You might had a grudge between the two of you.


I disagree completely. Most women are taught a different set of power levers then men and are much more powerful than the prima-facia argument made in more closed societies.

Men are also in need of a powerful match-making or the whims of the Saints smiling on their birth … our MC should teach everyone this lesson at the least, especially if you run multiple sessions.


I imagine things would be very different if the MC was lucky enough to have major banecasting talent. We’d probably be having symposiums with other Knights of the Green while the world burned across the narrow strait between Antar and Tierra.


And a bonus if he had good relationship with the king if he is Aetorian, might give him the chance to eventually become an officer of the king’s own grenadiers, a commission gifted by His Tierran Majesty as well as given the permission to court Princess Isobel as well.


If the MC happend to court Isobel and the king happened to die without any heirs then the MC would become king.


I kind of doubt that. If the king died without any heirs while we were still courting the princess, then it’s pretty likely that there would be political unrest while everyone is trying to put forward to get themselves on the throne if they even have any little blood relation to King Miguel.


Like @Cataphrak said, most likely to be a grudge between Princess Isobel and the current Duke of Warburton, King Edmund IV’s bastard child with the former Duchess of Warburton.


So essentially a possible toxic situation that may end up blowing up into a full scale civil war to see who gets the throne while Takara and Kian are plotting their plans to get their hands on Tierra? Got it now.


Eh, actually @Cataphrak mentioned that a civil war is not the most possible outcome, rather than to be an unrest within the Cortes. If there really is a civil war, then may the Saints save Tierra!


Right, it’d be blown out of proportion if that were to happen but then again, seeing unrest in the Cortes is also a toxic situation by itself altogether. One side is probably going to try to recruit you while the other is doing the same, you take one side while making enemies with the other but if you end choosing neither, you end up pissing off both sides. It ain’t going to be pretty if it ever came to that.


Actually, a lot of the Northern Kingdoms see Emperor Wladyslaw VI as kind of a victim. The Antari see him as a villain, but to the countries that don’t allow chattel serfdom, that attitude is the equivalent of white supremacists and neo-Confederates seeing Lincoln as a tyrant.

As the MC has the chance to point out, the internal affairs of a manor house is usually run by the resident lady and her daughters. Considering that the larger estates might have staffs of a hundred or more, they damn well better know how to handle power as a matter of basic competence.


The thing is, Warburton officially has no claim due to him being a legitimate member of the House of Harris. In EU4 terms he’ll be a claimant with a weak claim versus Isobel of Tierra who has an average claim because while she’s a woman, she has that magical Rendower blood.

@Cataphrak, why are there not more Rendowers lying around? Did they not pop out like 10 kids and just have them lying around like most monarchies? Or did they force the spare into an Order of the Blue the moment their brother came into majority and had an heir of his own?


The problem is, “the heroic bastard reclaims his father’s birthright to set right what went wrong” has just as much traction as a narrative in this world as it does in ours.

To be fair, historical examples of gigantic royal broods tend to be examples of particularly successful royal marriages (George III’s comes to mind, as does Nicholas II’s). That being said, there are plenty of Rendower cadet branches, and quite a few of them populate the upper echelons of the civil service, but most are pretty removed. King Alaric died childless, and Edmund IV had plenty of kids, but only two of them are legally Rendowers.


Edmund isn’t his father though. As his real father and Miguel both confirmed.

You can clearly tell what side I’m on.


Well, Edmund IV certainly had the energy to bounce around and having fun.

Then he surely still had some advantages over the princess.

Let me guess, Her Royal Highness, Princess Isobel of of Aetoria and of all Tierra. For my MC? Most likely will take the side of his liege duke.


I’d be dissapointed if they had bad things to say about you for no reason, as long as it makes sense, bring on the hate or adoration.


Yeah, “slightly”.

And Donald Trump is “slightly” orange.


Hey friend, long time no see. How are you doing?