Guns of Infinity



I personally like the scarred fanatical slightly socoiopathic Cazarosta.


yeah, keep it like that and someone will tell you one day: "You’ve got some heat on you (MC surname), everyone in the circle is talking about you."
MC: "In what circle?"
the guy: “In our circle of course, I’m a member of the Cortes, same as you do, stupid.”


Ehe my MC’s reputation was quite high at the end of Guns, so I doubt there’ll be much murmuring about my odd friendship. Plus Caius actually showed emotion to me before the second battle of Kharangia so it’s my obligation to be his friend, in the weird, cold Cazarosta way.


Either way, it will bring a direct blow to your reputation in the end, the majority of the Tierran peerage accepts Caz as a good officer, not one of the kind that baneblood should make friends with: Personal acquaintance we are speaking of.

BTW, speaking of the Northern Kingdoms, which is the most infamous tyrant of all in the infinite seas?



Clearly it was the last Stanislaus Emperor right? I mean at least half the country rebelled against him.


But I don’t get it, if he was the infamous tyrant, then how did he become a Saint of the Red? Clearly we had missed a lot.


That was the first one. The last one got violently killed by Prince Ivan of Khorobirit.


I guess it depends on the individual. Some MC characters have received a financial windfall from a certain operation behind enemies lines.

My youngster most likely has a sister that is still dreaming of a romantic interlude with one of the greater house’s scions and who exerts her influence in other ways…

Rationality has very little to do with affairs of this nature - going after a sibling with a pointy object that substitutes for a knife is usually more emotionally driven then logically driven.


I doubt a Tierran lady would even contemplate murder. If she was raised in the traditional mindset she’d probably faint because the corset was too tight and there wasn’t enough blood flow to the brain.


I’m glad the wool fits comfortably over your eyes. Lady Kat, with her actions, should disabuse this Victorianesque perspective, but there are many other indicators that such helplessness only exists in the mind of those that believe thus.


Well, maybe they were trained no to breathe too deeply in order to match the tightness of the godly awful corset.


Isn’t Kat the exception not the rule? I doubt all of Tierra’s ladies are badass warrior women that can rival men in their political power.


I suspect we will see much more “badassery” in the next installment from many ladies in power.

Nevertheless, it isn’t the power of men they can’t rival but that of the Saints. Any woman of sufficient skill and training can rival any man … as proven by more than just Kat.


they are few, but do never ever underestimate them.


The problem I see is that most women in the X of Infinity Universe aren’t taught nor allowed to handle power so they can’t really be powerful unless they’re like married to a powerful man or are the heir to a powerful earldom like Kat.


If you want drama just be the big bro who doesn’t sent home money or share his wealth once he back.

Or hope Renard falls for the sister and they have a accident. Which leads us to have to control yourself or the younger brother from beating up Renard.


If you’re well loved by both your mother and father, I can definitely see some rankling there. Favoritism for the older sibling, and all.

I honestly see the younger brother (if we have one), considering the last he’s seen of us was when he was around 11-12, not having any opinion on us at all and seeing us as some stranger entering the house. I know I don’t remember much from that age, and I’m 23, so it’s a comparable difference in years.

Introducing Caius as your friend, however… Arturo is my most pleasant and open-hearted MC, and even he would settle on “acquaintance” in polite company.


Well it all depends, like if the father can’t sire a male heir , then he will had no choice but to teach them to handle power if they are unable to marry them off to a gentlemen of the blood in their lifetime.

Things might go fishy if your relationship with the parents are good, while with the brother is 50/50. You might had a grudge between the two of you.


I disagree completely. Most women are taught a different set of power levers then men and are much more powerful than the prima-facia argument made in more closed societies.

Men are also in need of a powerful match-making or the whims of the Saints smiling on their birth … our MC should teach everyone this lesson at the least, especially if you run multiple sessions.


I imagine things would be very different if the MC was lucky enough to have major banecasting talent. We’d probably be having symposiums with other Knights of the Green while the world burned across the narrow strait between Antar and Tierra.