Guns of Infinity



Useful in riding or useful in battle?


Useful in riding, which it means that it’s useful in a gallop as well, but for war, I don’t really think so… Well you know, even “The Royals” were riding on horses which were all dust in the boot, especially when it comes to horses the bests one were being taken by the prancing lancers. So yeah maybe they can be used in battles, but ineffective like the sand and dust whatever rubbish that Saint Jerome knows that the Royal Dragoons are riding under themselves.


Somehow, I doubt the Dragoons would have done as well as they did if their horses were glue factory rejects, but I’m not an equestrian.


I mean, we all know the enlisted of the regiments of Foot are glue sniffers anyway. So I wouldn’t be shocked…


We don’t need horses. Two halves of a coconut can achieve the same result.


With the power of belief you can achieve anything. Just look at Miguel, he believed he could win. So he was perfectly okay with bankrupting Tierra.


It’s all Weathern’s fault for not believing the budget was sustainable.


To be fair Miguel was still a kid when the war started. Kids do believe more than a adult and I think he want to get out of his dad shadow by winning a war.


How did the first war with Antar start?


From what I can tell, Tierra was more or less vassal state to Antar.

Then King Alaric (Miguel’s grandfather) was like: “Nah, #!@% that noise” and rebelled.


You know how the Franco-Prussian war broke out due to a diplomatic dispute Bismarck manipulated to plunge both nations into war?

That’s what Alaric and Miguel both did.

They took advantage of a climate to try to carry out their political agenda. Alaric succeeded, while Miguel got a mixed bag since we didn’t beat the Antari enough.


It seems successful enough to potentially build on, if one can address the cost.

How huge that “if” is is ahead of us in Lords.


Just believe that there is no cost, everything is fine, keep calm and carry on, Tierra and Victory and all that.


The power of Fledgling Realms magic.


Well in this case, all that I could say is that Miguel I is just exactly like Karl XII of Sweden: Young, hot-headed, has a likeness on war and soldiering, and both of them have the same type of soldiers which are their elite guards: Grenadiers. And that must be the reason why Miguel’s grandfather was named: Spitfire, eh? Speaking some stuff which has erupted a war.


Karl XII of Sweden reminds me more of Cazarosta, or at least the elements of Cazarosta in regards to being a grimly dedicated soldier, than Miguel save that they’re both young kings.


What did the war cost us?

Thousands of people, millions of crown, the stability of several noble titles, the stability of the nation in general, the ability to buy grain from our previously biggest source of food, and us gathering even more attention from Takara.

What did it give us?

Twenty thousand Antari serfs, a slightly improved military and a sense of accomplishment.


Well, if war ever comes to the door steps again. These Antari serfs can be a great use: From using them for the formation of the King’s Antari Legion to second line productions in the factories that can help Tierra with, I would imagine that things can get better than that of the Dozen Years War.


Antari cheap labor is best labor.


Has it been stated whether the named characters that can die at 2K still die if you don’t participate in the battle due to being part of the secret mission? Or do they survive?