Guns of Infinity



Sure the story of a Cunarian vassal who rose with military badassness is kinda cool but the smell of manurr ticked me off in Sabres xD.


I love the Cossacks, such a interesting and colorful people. I prefer since their light cavalry and I not a pitch battle fellow. More of a raider, ride into your farm with my men, slaughter your livestock, burn your fields, barn and destroy a quarter or half of your food stores before moving on while you watch from your house. I love how they show western cavalry a trick or two once Russia marched west.


The Cossacks ironically once had scourged the villages of Russia before they were offered with high positions and lands within the Tsar Empire, I personally wouldn’t trust them entirely, many of the Russian officers even complaint of how undisciplined they are: disobeying orders, broke rules of engagement and even act like renegades in many situations… They are more ideal on doing partisan attacks.


Very true but they were fierce fighters and excellent riders. They were often not pay or very well if they were all. plus their culture was similar to the hordes of Central Asia. wild and independent with I stealing from you try and stop me. Personally I allow some looting especially from the fallen or prisoners and countryside( mostly food and stuff we need) but I stop when it goes too far. Prefer not to be ambush by angry natives if we are retreating after a defeat or fall behind the army.


And the Antari Light Horses: a combination of the Russian, Hungarian and the British 15th Hussars. But, eh… what horses do these bloody stingers ride? Horses like Jackrum the 16 hh tall grey mare that we could buy?


Scimitar and Thunderer best horse :3


Which horse is that?


I think you have the option to buy it if your original horse dies during cavalry reserve duty.

It’s either that, or if you get your horse killed during the Battle of M’hillanovil. I don’t remember which one.


Just what type of horse did Paul said that the Antari Light cavalry rides? Because I think I’d completely missed that part…


The Antari “light cavalry” are either freeholders or serfs they have deemed valuable enough for a horse. Generally they’re ouffitted with as far as you can get from an ideal war horse. That’s from the Welles report:


There are exceptions, with particularly nice horses, but they’re not the norm.


I can’t find any information about the horses which the Light Cavalry rides. It only said that these men are free holders, men of higher status and serfs who are given the honour to ride a horse.


The oberlinder cavalry are the true Antari “not-Cossacks” that are from the Central Plains. Korobirit apparently doesn’t command the loyalty of most of those hordes.


Is that a kind of horse or something like that?


Its a kind of horse and the name of the mounted tribes people from the central plains (at least from the Tierran perspective).

Scimitar is an oberlinder horse.


Here it is:

Lacking the vast pastures of Central Antar, the light cavalry of Khorobirit and his allies were often little more than serfs mounted atop plough horses or other animals which even even those most unschooled in horses would consider unsuitable for warfare.


If that’s how the Light Cavalry was equipped, then it’s actually choosing a useless Bentley Bentayga and a Ford Mustang which consumes a hugh amount of petrol.


It’s more like riding into battle on a tractor. Sure, you can ride it wherever you like, but it would be far more useful on a farm.


Inadequately equipped light cavalry being better than no light cavalry at all, from Khorobirit’s perspective.


Ah, no actually. That might not be completely true: There are several plough horse breeds are actually light plough horses which are considered to be useful in riding as well, but not very effective:image
Messara horse is one of them