Guns of Infinity



Well I just wanted wanted have a look on the general opinions.


General opinions seem to be if we are building industry in our duchy:

Aetoria - light agriculture, maybe tourism, or some supporting industry for the capital.
Salt Coast - fishing, shipping, maybe a cannery, and ship building
Wulfram - mining, manufacturing, also a good place for a cannery
Cunaris - horse breeding, agriculture

@unoriginal_username Fair enough. Let’s hope RTI doesn’t prove to be overzealous when we’re required by state mandate to give them our manuscript.


Well I have another question: How many time did you guys played the MC as Cunarian, Aetorian, Wulframite and the son of the Salt Coast? Mine is 100% always Cunarian.


Mainly Salt Coast or Cunarian. I rarely play Aetorian, and almost never play Wulframite.


10A and 10B versions of an Aetorian MC, my very first MC was Cunarian (died at the Forlorn Hope). I’ve got a highly cynical Wulframite I still need to finish.

I haven’t played a Salt Coaster yet.


It’s treason, then…


What’s treason is having a proud seafaring soul forced to be a landlubber. :yum:

I pointed out how there seem to be no real visible Wulframite officers, while giving a reason for Aetorians to be fairly plentiful among the officer class. I realized why: even most barons in Wulfram are probably well-off enough their sons don’t have to strike out for the sake of fame and fortune. Looks like the MC ended up being in the distinct minority there, and managed to make it big – not in spirlte of that, but because of it.

Plus, Wulfram has a far more prestigious cavalry regiment on top of it.


Well maybe if the MC’s a son of the great Cunarian Plains, he would somehow say: " I’ll be damned to find out that a fallow Cunarian who can’t even ride a horse properly."


Tell that to Saint Talbott.


I don’t get it? What was that about?


What about something like The Grey Riders: The true story the King’s Dragoons
Into the Storm: The Tale of a Dragoons officer
A Knight’s Tale: The story of Baron insert name adventures in Antari


The scene at the end, where you’re chatting with Caz.

My pitious attempts at humor were derived from the nonchalance with which both the grievous deaths and injuries were merely brushed off by the officers, whilst an enlisted man expressed horror, in a parody of the English stereotype of having a “stiff upper lip”.

And now, it’s gone entirely.


Aetoria and Wulfram is <3. Culture and Wealth. Refinement and Dough. Never really understood the appeal in any Cunaris walkthrough at least with the Salt Coast, you get a nice region and backstory.


I like the grey riders one, remember what it’s said in the bible about the grey rider? DEATH WANTS YOU!!!


It makes your interactions with Renard and Duke Cunaris more interesting because the Findlays are your liege lords. There’s also that sense of pride in the fact that you’re a Cunarian joining a Cunarian regiment, whereas with the other backgrounds you’re a bit of an outsider.


Of course it will, even in the storyline saying that if you had choose to be a son of the great Cunarian Plains it reads: You liege lord , the Duke of Cunaris happened to be the colonel of the Royal Dragoons. Such that you were expected to join his regiment at a young age.


Weren’t really know about that since I a apostate. But those Antari line infantry were sure scare of us.


They’re actually just like the Russian militias back in the Napoleonic wars: Great in numbers, good in close quarter combat, but with not so good marksmanship and morale.


Russian infantry? well Napoleon did smashed them a few time in battle, weren’t trust Russian infantry if I was leading them since most were conscripts. Their cavalry was much better but I prefer their Cossacks cavalry. Artillery was surprising good.


Russian infantry are mainly conscripts and militias, they have very few regulars since the population is numerous in serfs. Their artillery isn’t that good after all, just way better than that of the Austrians, they still mainly rely on mass numbers. The Cossacks are actually much more terrifying than you can know Lancer, some Frenchmen who survived the Russian Campaign mentioned that they even carried lances up to 4 metres in length! Overall they’re good cavalry to be considered reliable, but they’re highly undisciplined… I would instead prefer the Russian Mounted rifles and Jagers.