Guns of Infinity



Does he? Kat doesn’t seem to be extremely fond of Garret, but Caz?

During Blaylock’s duel.

If you have high charisma you can tell that Garret does not seem to have done anything too bad, but yes, I would be surprised if she had murdered one of her own men.
She is “fine” with the child murder because she understands why we did it. Her RTI contacts means that she knows why harming Khorobirit is so incredibly important. You don’t see Kat or Lefebvre randomly cut up their own men, and they are also fine with child murder.

When you don’t want to be suspected of being feminine, you exaggerate a bit (after all, we suspect Sandoral more than Blaylock of being the crossdressing dragoon). That is why she acts like a “stereotypical guy”, and not the perfect gentleman.

And also a woman! Funny how those are actually not mutually exclusive.

Could be, but she seems to have no trouble gambling and drinking in front of everyone. Again, on its own the hints are small, but they add up. With Elson we have so very little that is actually indicative of him being a crossdressing dragoon that we might as well suspect Renard and Sandoral and Hawkins too!

I disagree. I think we know too little about her to say that.


The real question I have in all of this talk about the female dragoon is a bit different.

Will her memoir compete with ours in terms of sales? Because if that’s the case, I’m going to have her manuscript stolen and burned if possible.


Garret strikes me as - well, Garret doesn’t strike me as a good person.

Caz still strikes me as “in a black and white setting, and using D&D alignments, Lawful Evil” - and I’d say he’s a reliable officer with some sense of principle, in some interesting sense…

So Garret not being a good person needs to cover a lot of ground before it gets to “just kind of horrible as a person”.

Most interesting people are, in one way or another, not really clear cut “good people”.


“I think this is going to end badly, but I don’t want to offend my rather scary-looking associate, so I’m just going to make an excuse to get out of it.”

-Lights cigarrette
-Doesn’t appear to feel guilty about it in the slightest.

At least Lefebvre expresses some sort of regret over killing Khorobirit’s family, and it’s also an established character trait that he cares for his men - no such trait was established for Garret. As for Katarina, I’m sure she would kill a Tierran if he was going to somehow jeopardize her plans. And that’s hardly ‘randomly’ cutting them up - it’s no different from Caz killing off ‘obstacles.’

Funny how they aren’t mutually inclusive.

…so? What do you think Officer’s Clubs are for? Besides, gambling/drinking are hardly on the same level as sleeping with someone’s wife.

Renard is too well-known, and Duke Cunaris is too traditional. Hawkins is too minor a character for the reveal to have serious impact. Sandoral is a possibility, but unlikely because his family doesn’t have the connections to pull it off.

Garret is definitely a candidate, but so is Elson, and what I’m trying to say is that I would prefer it be Elson. We shouldn’t assume it’s Garret and start calling him ‘she’ every sentence just because there’s slightly more evidence in his/her favor. Red herrings are a thing, you know.


Cazarosta, as twisted as he is, follows a code that has some noble elements to it.

Lefebvre expresses regret over the death of Aleksandra. As the biggest bastard in the series up till that point, that’s a big thing.

Garret smiles after you kill her.


To be frank, without more information on Garret, I’m not sure how much weight I give that cool smile as indicating a greater monstrousness than Caz’s cold nothing-like-a-smile as he orders his men to fire on partisans trying to rescue their families.

I would not, in any sense, describe Garret as a good person from what we know of them - but I might be able to find three people in all of both books who I’d describe as “good” with a straight face depending on who I count, and at least one of them is dead.

If Garret smiled at the sight of her falling dead, or the Church Hussars covering her body with their own (in the decision where you can choose to go all “I don’t want them to be brave.”), that might be more revealing, but this to me - and this is me speaking as my perspective as someone who isn’t good at reading people - makes me more curious than enraged.


The other hint that I failed to mention earlier was the pet names used by Kat and Welles, in the meeting in the forest between Welles retinue and the Dragoons. Then, Welles reverts back to the familiar pet name during the tent scene with Garret. To me at least, this another hint.


Garret could be just smiling cause he or she finds it ahh… sexy I guess or a turn on. Garret maybe loves how cold the Mc can be or happy cause now he or she now has dirt on him that will ruin the MC forever.


@Elfwine, sorry for the long delay in replying.

Anyway to answer your question Cataphrak once mentioned that Caz (In relation to his comments about Garret’s character during the night of 2K) had intentions other than giving Garret an “alibi” (For lack of a better word.) in making the slanderous comments he did to a 'Friendly" MC (An MC that he has a positive relationship with, and as such could colour his (The MC’s) views and opinions with.).

This was in response to questions on how Katrina and by extension the Circle could be getting Caz’s help in hiding Garret’s gender…By bad mouthing him about all his manly bad habits and vices. After all only dudes would be so rakish, drink like fishes, have opium, ect

I think (And I can’t remember if it was backed up by an ambiguous quote from Cata) that the reason for the possible animosity between the two could be the Garret’s shadowy connections, and a conflict of interest between Garret and Caz… I think it could be linked to promotion, and anvenues of power and control, as hinted in the intelligence thing.

As Cata has said that the two of them will both be on active service in the next game, unlike the MC who’s on peace time pay.

Edit: I suck at using this interface…Technology…Future…arrrg.


Makes sense. Garret and Caz probably run in the same circles (no pun intended) and also likely have limited means of advancement in both. The biggest enemy of someone at the bottom trying to climb to the top is the one next to them.

Tell me about it. The meaty slabs I call thumbs never seem to hit the right keys on my phone.


@lovinglydull Not just that, but there may be even more of a divide. As Katrina will do the Victorian equivalent of flipping her shit, so to speak, at Garret if you leave him to handle the Hussars, while you deal with Princess Anna. (Perhaps Garret’s backers are at odds with Kats?)

Plus, depending on your MC’s position (Most players seem to at least end up Major’s, but quiet a few here end up Lt.Col) Then Caz’s attempts to poison your option of Garret could be viewed as his own attempts to use the only real patronage he has, outside of his notFather, to damage Garret. This is especially important with Cunaris’ health, and as mentioned by yourself the limited room for advancement.


Cazarosta vs Blalock vs Campos who wins?


Grenadier’s Square, or whatever it is called. My mind is mush and can’t recall details at the moment.


Cazarosta, obviously.

Campos is a crack shot shot but that’s all we know about him. Caius can probably match if not surpass him.

As for Blaylock, Caius is far more experienced than him.


Oh boy, where do I start?

I do Italian longsword, mostly Fiore but some Vadi too, Bolognese, Rapier, a bit of Spadone and lately have been dabbling in Military Sabre and Poleaxe.

It’s fun as hell, at least when the inter school tourneys we have with the local German school don’t have bout by bout opt in to grappling rules. That is just gaming the system.


The II agent sent to “observe” will win probably xD.


Yes, and if you capture her he ‘cries like a girl’ at the loss of his men. He smiles because you made the best choice with the lowest cost.


Looking at it in that light, I noticed something (if the PC kills Lady Aleksandra without sacrificing his squadron) :

You find Lefebvre himself standing with Lady Katarina by Lady Aleksandra’s body.
“I must congratulate you, sir,” the young Royal Intelligence agent says
as she looks down upon the fallen form of a girl not too much younger than herself. "Your men have taken no losses for it? Very good, very cleanly done. With any luck, we have ended the House of Khorobirit right here."
Lefebvre nods approvingly. "If that is so, then we may have ensured the destruction of one of Tierra’s worst enemies today."
The Grenadier officer bestows upon you the hard slash of a grin. “I must congratulate you, sir.”

Posting their warmest reactions to the PC, though Lefebvre gives “the hard slash of a grin” in either case.

Perhaps Garret is a trifle more sure this is something to smile about, but Garret would have seen his troop slaughtered if you’d thrown them at the hussars.

It’s interesting that they do not order her fired on if Garret is left in command with the PC entering the keep.

Cataphrak thus ensures that the PC can always be the biggest monster of the game?


Maybe you should say instead is "we few band of brothers against the might of the foes in their thousands, there also stands the king; who had steady the line, that’s: King Miguel I of House Rendower and Tierra, that’s the man…"
Also when speaking of the MC’s memoir, I can only think of one name:

From Minor Parts To Military Legend: The Life As A Green Dragoons.


It might be because it’s 4 AM and I’ve been up since 4AM yesterday due to travelling, but I’m starting to think I should play to my strengths.

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